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Johanna Stenfeldt, Manager Mechanical Design, Product Design Engineering

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There are benefits to working with similar things in several industries. For example, you can take best practices from one industry to create an advantage in another.

Knowledge sharing is natural to us and something that we love doing internally and with our customers. On this page you find a selection of materials from us to dig deeper into.

Case Studies and projects


Case: Sustainability specialist for Vitrolife

Goodpoint, which is part of the Semcon Group, has acted as substitute sustainability specialist on behalf of Vitrolife Sweden, with the aim of ensuring continued advances in the company’s sustainability work. The substitute expert role has involved collaboration and development of sustainability initiatives at Vitrolife Sweden, with a primary focus on due diligence in the supplier chain and climate reporting.

Product Development

Case: Highly accurate thermal simulations for better decisions

Westermo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Ethernet switches, routers and converters. In order to streamline product development, the company engaged Semcon’s simulation experts. The goal was to use thermal simulations to drastically reduce the volume of measurements of physical products and thus save both time and money.


Case: Sustainability consulting for Roxtec

Sustainability experts Goodpoint, which are part of the Semcon Group, have supported seal manufacturer Roxtec with consulting and training in chemicals and materials.


Case: Sustainability advisor for Varberg Energi

Goodpoint, which is part of the Semcon Group, has acted on behalf of Varberg Energi as sustainability advisor and operations developer along with the company’s quality, environment and work environment coordinator.

Project Excellence

Case: New project methodology for the City of Gothenburg

Clearer decision-making, smarter coordination between projects and streamlining through common working methods between the departments. There have been a lot of gains since Semcon helped the City of Gothenburg’s Property Management Office (Stadsfastighetsförvaltningen) implement XLPM project methodology.


Case: Digital learning for Biogaia academy

With the assistance of Xtractor, Sweden-based Totara platinum-partner, BioGaia decided to go for a bespoke blended learning program implementing Totara Learn as the technical foundation.


Case: Design and UX for Fair Action

Fair Action is a non-profit organization working to ensure that companies take responsibility for their impact on people and the environment. Semcon supported Fair Action with expertise in design and UX to increase their membership.

Product development

Case: Developing the mangle of the future for Pexymek

Pexymek is a Swedish company that produces cold mangles for household use. Mangling fabrics has several benefits, such as giving them longer life and less frequent need for washing. Pexymek, whose entire production takes place in Sweden, sees growing relevance for its mangle and decided to choose Semcon to develop an updated product to appeal to more users.

Digital Experience

Case: Great opportunities for Ellos with new e-commerce site

Ellos Group is a leading e-commerce group in the Nordics and includes the companies Ellos, Jotex and Homeroom. When Ellos Group decided to develop their new e-commerce sites, which have millions of visitors, they entrusted Squeed, part of the Semcon Group, with the development of Jotex’s and Homeroom’s new sites.

Product Information

Case: Plan for digitalising Hiab’s product information

Hiab is running a number of digitalisation projects within its organisation. Techhnical information was one of the areas in need of digitalisation and Semcon was consulted to help creating the plan for achieving it. The next step is implementation.

Life Science

Case: Project-driven climate calculation for life science company

When a life science company wished to evaluate the climate footprint of their new constructions at a factory in the Stockholm-Uppsala region, they enlisted the help of Semcon. The result was a project-driven climate calculation and a tool that can be used as decision support for future material choices.

Product Development

Case: Improved work environment for timber truck drivers

Bergs Fegen is Sweden's largest timber truck bodybuilder. It makes all the necessary adaptations to trucks to carry timber, including the installation of a self-produced crane cab. When the company decided to develop a new cab, it sought help from Semcon.


How green hydrogen gas can secure rural energy supply in times of crisis

How can rural communities ensure local energy supply in times of crisis? The village of Häradsbäck in Småland wanted to investigate the possibilities of producing and storing green hydrogen gas – both as a backup for its own energy supply and to sell onwards. In a development project, Semcon is now creating a technical concept for the production of green hydrogen gas using solar cells.


Research project on waste sorting shows the way to reduced climate impact

Improved sorting of household waste can lead to a 10–35% reduction in climate and energy impact. But to get there, we need systemic change to ensure that more material is sorted correctly. This is one of the findings of the research project TJÅRVEN, in which Semcon has collaborated with research insititute RISE and FTI (which takes care of the recycling stations in Sweden) to investigate how energy use can be reduced through improvements in recycling stations as viewed from the users’ perspective.


Digital Prototyping

Prototyping is essential on the road to creating successful end-products.

Product Information

Electric vans supported by enhanced product information

Semcon is developing digital product information for UK based Innovation Automotive’s new electric vehicles. The diagnostic information and owners’ manuals will ensure that service technicians have the right information to carry out their work efficiently and effectively, improving the customer’s ownership experience.


Case: The first cornerstones of a quality management system

Semcon has supported the analysis company e-Sense Sweden AB in laying the first cornerstones for their quality management system in accordance with ISO: 17025. The focus has been to start from the organisation's conditions and build simple processes that can grow as the company develops.

Digital Services

AI reduces emissions in the archipelago

Every summer, ferries transport crowds of visitors between islands in the Swedish archipelago. With the help of a new AI platform, each ferry can now reduce its fuel consumption by 10-25 percent, which contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. This is according to the results from long-term testing.


Case: New book busts the myths around sexual abuse

Today’s knowledge level is generally low about sexual abuse and what treatment to provide for victims. To increase knowledge and bust the myths around sexual abuse, Semcon has, as part of its CSR program, created new educational material for the organisation WONSA (Worlds Of Non Sexual Abuse).


Case: Turning sub-suppliers manuals into a smooth user-experience

Swiss rail manufacturer Stadler is partnering with Semcon to give customers a coherent and user-friendly experience in the company’s documentation platform - whether the technical documentation originates from Stadler or sub-suppliers. In doing so, Stadler automatically prepares for providing an even better user-experience than the previous technical documentation: Once streamlined, the new solution can easily be incorporated into the company’s more advanced product information platform, where information is automatically adapted to each user and situation.


Case: Design for tough use

Ascom d83 can handle being dropped from a height of two metres onto concrete. Twelve times. The phone has been created for environments that place the greatest demands on durability – such as prisons, industry, and mines. And that should be reflected in its design, which Semcon was entrusted to handle for Ascom.

Life Science

Case: Pilot project speeds up healthcare innovation

Healthcare systems and medical staff are expected to be able to deliver better care to more people. The care should also maintain a high level of quality, be safe and cost less. To help deliver better medtech products more quickly, Mölnlycke Health Care wanted to test a new way of working with Semcon.

Product Information

Case: Digital manuals for Elon

The era of printed manuals has come to an end. Semcon has developed fully digitalised manuals for Elon’s own brand Elvita. With the new and user-friendly manuals, users can easily find the right information, and Elvita gets a more efficient and sustainable solution.


Focus on increased innovation and product development in healthcare

Semcon is focusing efforts to become a product development centre for medical technology. During the spring, Semcon participated in a knowledge exchange with Sahlgrenska University Hospital in which doctors contribute to Semcon's development projects with their expertise and Sahlgrenska enhances its capacity to increase innovation capability and product development in healthcare.


Case: A new successful digital training with Lynk & Co

In 2019, Semcon Learning supported mobility company Lynk & Co with a learning concept to prepare technicians for the brand’s first car launch in Europe. Based on that concept, Semcon has now developed a digital learning program for Lynk & Co’s technicians, aiming to ensure they have the proper knowledge and skills to service the cars.

Product Information

Case: Elegant manual strengthens customer experience

Electric boat manufacturer X Shore wanted its customers to experience sustainable luxury in every encounter with the company. But the user manual had fallen behind - usability-wise, aesthetically and environmentally. With Semcon’s help, the product information has caught up with the brand – and has the potential to make the boats even more sustainable.

Digital Experience

Case: Gardening made easier with digital plant zone map

As spring approaches, it is important to keep a check on what plants can be grown where. On behalf of the Swedish Horticultural Society (Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård) and Blomsterlandet, Semcon has digitalised the over 100-year old zone map of Sweden. A digital map paves the way for new smart functions for people interested in gardening and cultivation.

Life Science

Case: Quality assurance of hair care and cosmetic products for Grazette

For more than 30 years, Swedish company Grazette has offered a complete range of hair care products to the hairdressing industry. The work on quality is extensive, and when Grazette needed to replace its quality manager, they contacted Semcon for fast and secure assistance.


Case: All-covering learning platform increases cooperation between organisations

Semcon has supported Region Västra Götaland (VGR) to implement a new learning management system which fulfils the varied needs within VGR as well as the high expectations on flexible learning.

Product Information

Case: Animations that evolve with your company

Autonomous solutions company Yeti Move were looking for an animation to not only support sales, but to help improve the understanding of their offering to potential investors - both financial and technology partners. Semcon’s animation team met the demands with an animation of the company’s autonomous vehicles in action that is adaptable to changes in the company.

Artificial Intelligence

Federated learning

Developing the next generation of vehicles with self-driving capabilities increases the need to handle massive amounts of data. A global automotive manufacturer selected Semcon to help define how to design its data processing to become more efficient and sustainable. And the answer is found in the latest technology.


Case: E-learning to increase digitalisation in the public sector

How can digitalisation within municipalities and regions become more effortless and fun? With  new skills developing training, Semcon supports thousands of people in the public sector – all to make it easier to digitalise their operations.


Case: Production of green hydrogen gas

Semcon is collaborating with Norwegian company Hystar to develop new technology for hydrogen gas production. The research project aims to increase the amount of hydrogen gas that can be produced through electrolysis by over 150% – without using more energy than the current process does.


Semcon to deliver new project with global train manufacturer Talgo

Semcon has signed a new agreement with leading global train manufacturer Talgo. Semcon in Germany will support Talgo with the digital maintenance documentation of its high-speed trains. More efficient maintenance ensures an increase in train availability, quality and safety.

Product Development

Case: Industrial steel origami behind sustainable electric scooter

Semcon has been collaborating with the Swedish innovation firm Stilride, which is soon to debut its first electric scooter – the SUS1 – based on a new sustainable steel-folding technology. Starting in the prototype phase, Semcon has contributed its expertise in several key areas to develop and validate the various concepts before serial production begins.

Life Science

AI-based software supports efficient healthcare

New technology is paving the way for major improvements in the healthcare sector. One example is the AI-based operation system from medtech company Ortoma that enhances quality and streamlines the process for hip joint, knee joint and back surgery. In a new collaboration, Semcon is supporting Ortoma with specialist skills in software development and technical information.

Product Development

More efficient air filter with new design

Semcon is supporting Absolent Air Care Group in the development of a new type of modular carbon filter system for air purification. With the help of user studies and expertise in areas such as product design, mechanical design and flow calculation, Semcon’s team has developed a new design that makes the filter both more efficient and easier to handle.


Semcon lab

In order to support our customers from first idea to finished solution, we at Semcon always have a strong focus on innovation. One place that enables innovative creativity is the Semcon lab. Here, employees can experiment with new technology, get tips from colleagues and get to know each other across departments.

Production Development

Case: Pre-study and 3D visualisation of an automated assembly line

The bicycle industry anticipates a growing market and Kindernay is due to prepare for high volume production of e-bike gear hubs. Semcon has delivered a pre-study with a 3D conceptual solution of an automated assembly line, providing Kindernay with significant knowledge of technical solutions and associated investment data.

Product Information

Case: Big savings thanks to smarter documentation

ESAB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting. Their equipment requires detailed user manuals that are translated into 30 different languages, printed, and sent out with their products. When ESAB decided to digitalise their documentation, Semcon was entrusted with the assignment.

Applied Autonomy

Autonomous vehicles to enhance safety at sawmills

With the help of Semcon, two of Sweden’s largest companies in the forest industry sector, Holmen and Södra, are to examine how self-driving vehicles can improve the work environment and enhance safety at sawmills and other industrial sites. This type of vehicle has great potential for transporting timber and sawn wood within the sites.


Case: Peacebuilding online

Norwegian Church Aid works in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries. When the organisation saw an increased need for digital tools in their global peace work, they asked Semcon for support to find the way forward. The initiative is called Tech for Peace and will counter online disinformation and polarisation through participation and dialogue. Semcon’s participation in the project is a part of the company’s CSR-program.

Digital Experience

Case: New playful app for Hemmakväll’s customers

With 68 stores in 47 Swedish cities, Hemmakväll is the country’s largest candy store chain. When the company decided to improve their digital offer to increase customer loyalty, they turned to Semcon’s digital experts.

Product Information

Case: Technical documentation for the rail industry

When a world-leading manufacturer of braking systems and supplier of additional sub-systems for rail and commercial vehicles needed support with technical documentation, SPI Haas GmbH, part of the Semcon Group, was their first choice. The delivery focused on component documentation, including information about the system, maintenance, troubleshooting and overhaul.

Life Science

Case: Experience and expertise in the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a high-pressure situation and new approaches for all the pharmaceutical companies that are developing COVID-19 vaccines. One of these companies is Novavax, which Semcon has supported in the work of, among other things, scaling up production, so that the company will be ready to deliver the vaccine, assuming it is approved by regulators.

Product Information

Lodges - The right information exactly when it is needed

Read about how Lodges came to life and why the solution is being used by hundreds of thousands of people in a number of different industries.

Life Science

Case: Carbon footprint of Wellspect's catheter cut in half

Semcon's life science experts provided support to the medtech company Wellspect when it expanded its catheter production. The result was both a reduced carbon footprint and maintained quality for the best possible user experience.


Case: Development and design of the next generation wheelchair

Etac created market leader Cross back in 1992. In 2012, the wheelchair was redesigned, and its popularity largely stems from its versatility. When the manufacturing tools for Cross were due to be replaced, Semcon was commissioned to modernise and improve the wheelchair.


Case: Right information to check on the clothing industry

What is the best way to present complex information so that it is easy to absorb? This was Semcon’s assignment when the Clean Clothes Campaign wanted to launch a new website. The goal was to help journalists and consumers easily understand which clothing brands pay their employees a living wage. The project was carried out as part of Semcon’s CSR programme.


Improving service of Sheffield trams with new training solutions

In a new project for public transport operator Stagecoach in the UK, Semcon will develop training to assist the servicing of the new Citylink trams for the Supertram network in South Yorkshire. Quicker and more effective maintenance means more reliable trams and greater availability for passengers. This is in line with Semcon’s aim to grow its business within product information solutions for the rail industry.


Case: New app for Swedish Rescue Mission’s social supermarket

Reduced food waste and affordable groceries for low-income households. When Rescue Mission's MatRätt supermarket opened up in Gothenburg they turned to Semcon for help to reduce queues and crowding outside the shop. The solution is an app which, for example, help with appointment bookings for the customers.

Product Information

Case: From the classroom to digital learning for the Swedish Union of Tenants

Product Information

Case: Digital training a success factor for Espresso House

For the fast-growing Nordic coffee shop chain Espresso House, good introductory and further training is a crucial success factor. With the help of Xtractor, part of the Semcon Group, the company has gone from traditional classroom teaching to being able to create, distribute and follow up modern digital training.

Project Excellence

Case: A more efficient organisation behind a functioning urban environment

Getting the urban environment in Stockholm to work smoothly is a big challenge for Stockholm Public Transport (SL), which serves nearly 900,000 passengers every day. To find a common structure to streamline the handling of the organisation’s extensive and complex project operations, SL turned to Semcon and the XLPM project methodology.

Product Information

Case: High level documentation for high-speed train

When producing maintenance documentation for a complex high-speed train it is important to always adjust it to the end user needs. A documentation project for the Velaro Eurostar is a good example of just that.

Project Excellence

Case: Efficient operations with a common project culture

In early 2019, municipally owned Nacka Water and Waste began work to streamline their project activities and reach a new level of project maturity. Semcon had an advisory role throughout the journey.

Product Development

New outboard diesel engine reduces both emissions and cost

In 2020, OXE Marine launched the OXE300, the world's most powerful outboard diesel engine for commercial users.

Project Excellence

Case: Effective projects for Gävle municipality

The Municipality of Gävle and Semcon have been collaborating on XLPM project methodology for many years. By 2017, the Gävle Living Environment sector had reached a level of project maturity in which the methodology could be linked to how the organisation actually carried out investment projects in practice.


Case: Renewable solar energy, from idea to finished packaging

Uddevalla Energi is actively working to achieve the objective of being Sweden's most attractive energy company. An important part of that work revolves around offering sustainable and future-proof energy solutions.

Product Information

Case: Microlearning application for Bombardier

When implementing new advanced software systems, it is important for any business to have the employees onboard for the journey. World-leading Bombardier Transportation was due to deploy a new train control system for a customer. To help them get started on their journey towards change, Semcon has developed a mobile app for microlearning.


Case: The design strategy behind award winning scientific instruments

Semcon’s design team has developed the strategic Design Guidelines for Biolin Scientific’s product range of instruments for scientists. Not only did the strategy pave the way for user-friendly products, it also resulted in a prestigious design award.

Artificial Intelligence

Semcon develops AI-driven data management for Stena Line

Combining the latest in AI, data mining and information architecture means that Semcon is now assisting the Stena Line shipping company with a new pilot project for development of a unique data management solution. This solution is paving the way for new digital, sustainable and profitable services at Stena Line.

Product Information

Case: Product information for new electric taxi

As an exclusive partner to London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), Semcon has provided product information that helps to maximise utilisation and enhance the user experience with the world’s most advanced electric taxi.


Case: A design that improves nurses’ daily lives

This is the story of how a smartphone that can be relied on in emergency situations was created. Semcon’s design of Ascom Myco is based on detailed studies of nurses’ varied daily lives.


New robotic technology for proactive cleaning of ships

A completely new innovation for keeping the hulls of large vessels free from fouling. With Semcon as a technology partner, Jotun, the world leader in marine coatings, is contributing to reduced emissions and healthier oceans through its revolutionary Hull Skating Solutions (HSS).

Production Development

Faster analysis thanks to collaborative robot in laboratory

With a collaborative robot Semcon will automate analysis of samples for an international laboratory company. The objective is to create a faster, safer process and free up time for laboratory personnel so that they can focus on more advanced tasks.


Case: electrification strategy for Swedavia

Swedavia is a frontrunner within climate smart airports. An internal investigation showed that their vehicle fleet was responsible for 95% of the company’s total fossil CO2 emissions. Swedavia decided to change this - and contacted Semcon to find a way forward.

Life Science

Case: Designing medtech for an easier life

Breathing difficulties due to injury or disease should not present an obstacle to day-to-day living. Breas is working to devise functional and practical products for patients who need respiratory therapy. The medical needs of these patients may vary in many instances, and instruments need to be able to cover a range of applications all at the same time.

Production Development

Case: clean air for a healthier workplace

Zehnder manufactures air filtration systems. When they needed a new manufacturing machine for their air filter, the assignment went to Semcon.

Life Science

Case: Medical technology designed for safer care

Healthcare development is progressing rapidly. As treatments become increasingly sophisticated, hospitals as places of work need to become more efficient, in the operating theatre or elsewhere. Semcon has worked on behalf of Getinge to develop a new design language for parts of the company’s Infection Control product range.

Product Sound Experience

Case: Sound design for safety and security

With a carephone, elderly or disabled people and their relatives can feel safe in the knowledge that they can always contact others easily and be contacted. Neat Electronics chose to work in partnership with Semcon to develop their NOVO carephone.

Life Science

Case: Smart medtech for efficient medical care

There are situations in which every second counts. Where the right communication at the right time can make a huge difference to someone’s life. Helping people to work together and communicate seamlessly is an important driving force behind all Ascom products – such as their Myco 3 smartphone, for example, which was developed together with Semcon’s design department.

Project Excellence

Case: project methodology for a greener city

Find out how Gävle became one of Sweden’s most environmentally-friendly municipalities with the help of Semcon’s project methodology.

Product Information

Case: Promoting household appliances with product information

Imagine a salesperson who needs to be able to explain all the benefits of a new washing machine. Or a customer who wants to understand the many advanced features of their new oven. In both cases, clear and efficient product information is needed – to highlight both the brand and the technical benefits of the product. That is precisely what Semcon has delivered to ASKO Appliances.

Life Science

Case: Optimizing project-based working in Life Science

For companies to become successful, studies of various working models indicate that project-based working can have an important part to play. Moreover, ensuring that staff feel that their views are being taken into account and that they are involved in operations has also become a significant factor in corporate success. A decision was made to consult Semcon, a company with extensive experience of project-based working, when GE Healthcare needed to change its working structure within the project organisation.

Smart - IoT

Case: smart ventilation gave a better indoor climate

Swegon’s Wise is an innovative ventilation system that links all devices together and controls them using radio technology. This makes the solution faster to build and cheaper to run. Semcon developed the system, which integrates all data and hardware, and also created the web interface which allows building owners to optimise the indoor climate for users with ease.

Life Science

Case: Trackable medications for safer healthcare

Semcon has supplied three projects to pharmaceutical company Recipharm to ensure that their production lines are compliant with the EU requirements on time.

Smart - IoT

Case: new electric bindings with a smart twist

Norwegians continue to take the lead in the sport of skiing. This time it’s through a new electronic ski binding that can change position on the go – and is controlled via a remote control in the pole.

Smart - IoT

Case: smart system uses post office vehicles to analyze roads

The BiFi research project has analysed the roads’ bearing capacity in real time using Internet-connected post office vehicles and presented their status online.

Energy Solutions

Case: Landafors hydroelectric power station

When the control equipment at Fortum's Landafors power station was to be upgraded, Semcon was awarded the assignment for the work as a turnkey supplier together with other subcontractors. Electrical installation was part of the project, among other things.

Energy Solutions

Case: Conversion of transformer stations

Semcon has been working with the conversion of transformer stations on behalf of Vattenfall Services Nordic since 2014.

Smart - IoT

Case: open standard makes home connection simpler

The lack of joint standards makes home connection of products expensive and awkward. Semcon and Husqvarna have evaluated the new Bluetooth Mesh as part of their GRASS research project. The results show benefits in terms of range, simplicity and economy – and opportunities for broad usage.


Research on verificiation of deep learning in autonomous cars

One piece of the puzzle in making sure self-driving vehicles are safe to use is the verification of deep learning in safety critical applications. This is the focus of Semcon's industrial doctoral student specialized in AI, Jens Henriksson.


Scientific articles on Safety-driven Behaviour Management

How can Safety-Driven Behavior Management (SDBM) help to overcome existing autonomous systems-related safety issues and support the safety argumentation? Semcon expert Dr. Georg Hägele, System Safety, and Dr. Arezoo Sarkheyli-Hägele, Senior Lecturer at Malmö University, have written several scientific articles on the subject. 

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