People first, then technology
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  • People first, then technology

Johan Ekener
President, Product Information
+46 (0)73 684 06 83
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Markus Granlund
President & CEO and President, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)73 684 07 99
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People first, then technology.

We put people first. As far as we are concerned, technology is all about the value it creates for people – and our planet. By combining digital edge and engineering expertise we create user-friendly solutions based on human needs and behaviour.

Work at Semcon

Being people who puts people first. At Semcon we are driven by a genuine curiosity about people and their behaviour, driving sustainable innovations for people and our planet. As a part in our team, you can make a difference.

Sustainable innovation

We add new sustainable perspectives to your business, whether you aim to recharge a current product or service, reinvent new technology or reimagine future needs. For us technology has no purpose on its own, it is the value it creates for people and our planet that matters. Today and tomorrow.

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