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Johan Ekener
President, Product Information
+46 (0)73 684 06 83

Markus Granlund
President & CEO
+46 (0)73 684 07 99


We combine tech, usability and design in new ways – from creative concepts to production systems and digital information solutions. Always with an end-user focus. Because the user experience is the true evidence of quality, and therefore crucial for every product and organization.

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In focus.

Applied Autonomy

Fewer delays with autonomous airport snowploughs

Every winter, problems with snow lead to many delayed flights and stranded passengers. Autonomous snowploughs have now been tested for the first time in snowy conditions.


Semcon among Sweden’s most attractive employers

Semcon climbs eight places in the top 100 list of this year’s Business Barometer and is thereby named rocket of the year. Universum conducts the survey, in which engineering students rank Sweden’s most attractive employer.

Applied Autonomy

Autonomous solutions to improve industry

The industry in general needs to continuously develop more cost- and environment-friendly processes and products. Many players are looking at autonomous system as their next step of improvement.

Investor Relations

Annual General Meeting 2018

All the information regarding the Annual General Meeting on 25 April 2018, which will be held at Semcon's head office at Lindholmsallén 2 in Gothenburg.


Semcon wins brand journey of the year 2017

Technology company Semcon has been awarded ‘Brand Journey of the Year’. The prize acknowledges the company in Sweden that has conducted the most successful brand movement during 2017.

Smart - IoT

Do you get tangled up in technology?

Frustration with technology is increasing as more and more of the gadgets around us are becoming connected. In this campaign, we make fun of the IoT hype – and offer three steps to user-centred smart products.

Innovation Lab

How smart technology can make urban streets safer

We’ve created Life Sticker, a smart door alert device that will cost less than €2 and fit absolutely any car. It has the potential to prevent thousands of accidents.


Making machinery more efficient and user-friendly.

Replacing fossil fuels with electric power improves environmental, cost and efficiency performance. Take part of our three-step offer on how to make your machinery electric.

Delivery Models

Have it your way!

Our customers work in various industries and all have different needs. Therefore, we offer three flexible delivery models to provide the best match.

Smart - IoT

Make products come to life

Through prototypes and business modelling Semcon creates smart connected solutions with greater user benefits.

Project Excellence

Why only 3 out of 10 projects succeed

Semcon has developed the methodology and management, developed an IT tool and provides training, which ensures that your project will be one of the three that succeed.

Innovation Lab

From wild idea to market ready

A creative vent where our specialists test ideas and new solutions - and support our customers to manage their own development.

Energy Solutions

Keep the light burning

A secure sustainable energy is crucial for all of society. Semcon delivers turnkey projects for increased safety and reduced operating costs.

Design Management

Staying true to your design DNA

Companies that work with design on a strategic level are more profitable than others. Success is created through a strong design DNA and user centric design methods.

Automotive Facelifts

Facelifts to keep vehicles fresh longer

Facelifts are the method to maintain a car model’s position and product life cycle. Semcon has control over every detail.

Digital Distribution

Answers from the cloud, straight to you

Digital distribution collects information, keeps it updated and delivers user-adjusted information in the right channel.

User Information

Information for people

Today’s digital environments places high demands on how we structure and design information. We have the experience and tools.

Topic-Based Authoring

Only what I want to know right now

Topic-based is a smart way of structuring information for any screen. Flexible, relevant and accessible.


The right person in the right place

Front Office and Back Office. Customer knowledge and contact combined with specialist expertise in each area. The first is located close to our customer, the second can be anywhere in the world.


Turn change into positive development

Training and knowledge are essential elements of all change work. With new technology, it is easier than ever to reach out and create engagement.

VR & 3D Scanning

Experience the future now

With 3D scanning you can experience your future production environment right from the planning phase and get all of the details right from the start.

Space for your curiosity.

Take the next step in your development. Discover the opportunities and open positions at Semcon.

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