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Johanna Stenfeldt, Manager Mechanical Design, Product Design Engineering

Johanna Stenfeldt
Manager Product Engineering, Engineering & Digital Services
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Anette Norén
Business Manager Design, Engineering & Digital Services
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Experts on Product Development.

The journey towards a finished product is filled with challenges and demands to consider. Every day, we at Semcon help our customers to turn their ideas to reality. Creating innovative products and solutions that optimize user experiences with the help of new technologies. Our focus on research, co-creation and UX gives us the possibility to combine technology, usability and design in a unique way.

Today, product development is influenced by a number of large global trends; sustainability, digitisation and electrification. The fast progress in these areas requires expertise in each area as well as a broad understanding of different industries.

Thanks to our unique mix of competencies we can optimise your product for production, after market, and most importantly, the end user.

Mikael L. Pettersson, Sales Director, Engineering & Digital Services

To meet demands and maintain quality and focus throughout the entire journey from concept to finished solution, we use our own project methodology, XLPM, with defined gates and tuning points. Many engineering disciplines work efficiently together to achieve our common goal, we continuously employ virtual verification methods within various fields such as sound, vibration, structural strength and safety. More than 100 competencies within Semcon collaborate to optimise the product.

Expertise within product development:


Digital opportunities and sustainable materials

The fast development cycles of today puts high demands on companies to develop more models by production standard in a shorter amount of time. Semcon’s development and simulation services makes not only the development of components and entire products faster, we also makes the development processes significantly cheaper, increases product quality and minimises development risks.

Today, sustainable materials are a natural part of the list of demands from our customers. At Semcon our sustainability experts within product design helps you to find the best solutions for a sustainable product.

Smarter mechanical design

Within product development, the demands for design, safety, quality, user interface and sustainability keeps increasing. Mechanical design that is smart and measured not only mean better products, they are also easier to produce which lowers production costs.

We master most CAD, PDM and CAE systems on the market, as well as production methods and materials. We can handle everything from assignments at the customer site to complex complete development projects that we run and are responsible for at our own offices around the world. For some of our clients, we are their complete R&D function. And we can offer expert support within most areas of product development and methodology. We also educate within these areas for customers and engineering students.

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