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Semcon stories.

A series of articles for everyone wondering what it’s like to work at Semcon. With Semcon Stories our employees get to highlight certain exciting aspects of their jobs.

Selection of stories


Developing my skills in electric vehicles

Jonaira Cruz works as a Product Analyst at Semcon in Resende, Brazil. She has a true passion for the automotive area and her expertise is developing electric harnesses for electric vehicles. Read more about Jonaira’s expertise and experience at Semcon in her Semcon Story.

User Experience

Understanding the user is key

As a UX Designer, Aili Larusson always needs to understand the needs, problems and context of the user. That’s the foundation for developing products and services that really benefit the people using them. Aili is also involved in Semcon’s CSR-program and has worked with several projects supporting non-profit organisations in their important work.

Product Information

Flexibility gives a great work-life balance

"You can say that I have myself a year ago as a customer. " Johan Wotelius previously worked as an automotive technician, but now he is instead the one who creates information for automotive technicians. As a diagnostics engineer at Semcon Product Information, he helps develop troubleshooting methods to reduce the time spent by automotive technicians on troubleshooting, resulting in lower warranty costs for the customer. In his Semcon Story, Johan shares what life as a consultant can look like.

Employer branding

The grass was greener at Semcon

A team manager, a couple of validation engineers, someone taking part in a team delivery, one working on a major qualification project and a manager – all with one thing in common! They quit Semcon to try their wings elsewhere. And then decided to come back.


Semcon Tech Women – a way to create networks for women

Johanna Klarin works as a product designer at Semcon’s Gothenburg office and is one of the initiators of Semcon Tech Women – a network for women with various skills and experiences in technology development.

Product Information

Giving unwanted advice

Advising someone can be a challenging task. How do you know if you have the knowledge and all the background information to give the best suggestions? How do you ask the difficult questions? These are everyday quandaries for Sara Eriksson, who works as a Learning Advisor. She gives advice to customers on how to use learning to drive change in their organisations.

Software Development

Learning the magical language of code

Sina Sultani decided to go from linguistics to learn how to code and became a software developer in the Design & Digital Experience department at Semcon's Gothenburg office. Staying up to date with the latest technology within his field is now a part of his everyday job, such as AI. In his Semcon Story, Sina reflects on how this new technological leap may affect our lives.

Mechcanical Engineering

My first job as an engineer

Preow Bäckström is a trained mechanical engineer and out on the first assignment of her life as Mechanical Design Engineer at a large Swedish industrial company. Her interest in engineering and mathematics came early in life and Preow describes herself as a problem-solver who likes to look at things from a different perspective.

Product Information

Knowing a universal language

Wajdi Bshara works as a software developer within Semcon Learning | Xtractor. He came to Sweden in 2015 from Syria. He believes education to be one of the most important things in life. And with the help of the universal language of programming, he now gets to be part of making learning even better.

Product Information

Without creativity, you have nothing

Joni Huttunen is a project leader and coordinator who works a lot with Animated Quick Guides. But instead of writing a Semcon Story about that, he wanted to share why creativity is key when producing visual content and how to embrace creative ideas.

Production Development

Machinery safety first

Christopher Herre works as project manager and machinery safety expert at Semcon. And he is a generalist. A proud one. Read Christopher’s story about what happens inside of him when he enters a production facility and how he helps Semcon’s customers to get on top of their machinery safety.

Software Development

Right now, I'm working on AI for self-driving cars

It wasn't obvious from the outset that Annie would become a software developer. But she has always been attracted to technology and problem solving. At an upper secondary school fair, Chalmers University of Technology made a particularly good impression on her, with many technical courses and study programmes to choose from. Annie had her sights set on mechanical engineering, so she chose her upper secondary school specialisation accordingly.

Software Development

The joy in getting a light emitting diode to illuminate

"For those of us who work with embedded software, there is great joy in getting a light emitting diode to illuminate." So says Anders Ernevi, who works as a software developer within Embedded at Semcon.

Product Information

Finding out what the end user really thinks

When working with product information, you are often a link between the customer and their end user. Being that link means you need to understand what the end user wants – and needs – to be able to improve the user experience through digital product information. Team leader Madeleine Johansson tells the story about how user studies helped both her team and the customer to better understand the different end users.

Product Development

An expert in all things plastic

Morten Nielsen has specialist skills in plastics that few people possess. He has worked at Semcon since 2012 and has held various roles, such as team leader, project manager and designer. In his Semcon Story, Morten allows us to tag along and scratch the surface of his vast knowledge of and passion for plastics and innovative product development. Join us!

Life Science

Being curious is my way to constantly grow!

Karin Orhaug is both Team Manger and a consultant within quality management towards the life science industry. She believes it’s her curiosity and constant want to develop that has made her a skilled quality manager as well as an experienced teacher to new employees just entering the world of life science.

Software Development

System engineer with dreams of flight

Newly employed as system engineer at Semcon, Aya Fadhil is looking forward to exploring the work in several different areas and industries. In her Semcon Story, she tells of how her interest in flight led to her studying for a degree in engineering and what it's like to work in an industry still dominated by men.

Software Development

Embedded systems for smarter, connected solutions

Mikael Wiktorell has been working as a software developer at Semcon for twenty years. Today, his job is largely about embedded systems and improving products with smart, connected solutions

Software Development

A creative arena for curious software developers

Johan Kristensson is responsible for a team of 17 senior embedded specialists at Semcon. The department engages over 100 people, such as software developers and managers, to invent new technology and build new services, mainly within embedded. The tempo is high and the project variation is great, which places demands on both the individual and the organisation.

Production Development

The team manager who helps the company grow

Oscar Adolfsson works as Team Manager for in-house operations at Semcon in Örebro and Karlstad. This means that he is one of the cogs in the wheel working to get the project and in-house components of Semcon’s operations to grow. Read Oscar’s story about moving from working as a consultant and design engineer to selling and driving multi-million Swedish kronor projects.

Electrical Engineering

How electrical engineering became my spark in life

Electrical engineer Örjan Gelemark has held five positions at twelve different organisations in a number of industries throughout his career, resulting in an impressive wealth of knowledge and experience. With his passion for new insights, Örjan is always looking to the future and on the hunt for the next exciting challenge. Find out more about this senior electrical engineer at Semcon, who shares some of the lessons he’s learned from his electrical engineering career.

Product Information

Leadership is about courage

At Semcon we are proud of our colleagues who all contribute to an including and welcoming culture and a great place to work, something that really showed in the Engagement survey for 2021. Read Anna-Karin Flöjt’s story about her view on leadership.

Production Development

Project manager in production development. How I found the perfect role for me.

Gustav Holmdal has always strived for development, even if he maybe hasn’t always been aware of it. He uses his energy to help businesses, machines, gadgets and buildings get better! Read all about Gustav’s path from mechanical engineer to project manager and designer at Semcon. A role that he today sees as a hobby.

Production Development

An automation engineer who loves to think independently

Ahmed Alwan is an automation engineer who works with sustainable technology together with Semcon’s customers. He is currently programming a larger machine for the production of the next generation of integrated sun panels. When asked what the most rewarding aspect of the assignment is, he answers confidently “that I’m allowed to think independently!”. There is no exact instruction describing how Ahmed should tackle the assignment, so he has to plan his work himself from a blank slate to a working machine. The self-confidence in knowing that he is up to the challenge, together with the stimulating work of problem solving, contributes to Ahmed’s description of his work as a “dream assignment”.

Life Science

Challenges that lead to development and growth

When Caroline Heuman, Area Manager in Stockholm, is asked what inspires and engages her, she doesn’t need much time to think. “When the consultants develop and grow by being challenged in an assignment – that is what I am passionate about.” Read Caroline’s story on how professional development is an important component in the structuring of a new department at Semcon in Stockholm.


Diversity brings value to our business offerings, our culture, and our personal development

“I strongly believe in the empowerment of people. It’s all about listening and encouraging everyone to have the same opportunities to show their ideas or solutions.” Roger Terada is team leader at Semcon in Resende, Brazil. Read his Semcon Story about why diversity is of such importance for the operations.

Project Excellence

We’ll make it work!

“What do I do at work? I talk to people!”, says Elin Sins with a laugh. She works as an Area Manager for Uppsala and Stockholm at Semcon. In her role, building relationships is crucial, and communication with customers, colleagues and consultants are key to the business development of Project Excellence.

Product Information

Sharing is the foundation of collaboration

A rich life comes through the excitement of learning through travel, reading and meeting people. Through close and positive collaboration at work, we learn from each other, build our future selves and create great deliveries. It is a continuous and inspira-tional team journey, and I love every day of it. This is Jenny Lius story and her view on the value of collaboration.

Life Science

Roles that make you grow

Anyone who knows Josefine Göthe knows that she is a genuine leader. She is confident, clear and has plenty of good ideas. She believes that her ability to inspire was one of the reasons why she was asked to join Semcon as acting Team Manager. She also considers how motherhood has made her ready to take on greater strategic responsibilities; “Now I know what I'm capable of!”.

Product Development

Product development that can save lives

Johan Lundström, Area Manager in Uppsala/Stockholm, is proud of Semcon's customers within the Product Development area. Being able to support major players in medical technology with product or service development is tremendously rewarding, he says, and continues; it is exciting to work on products that improve people’s quality of life.

Project Engineering

eMobility Scrum Master leading the shift towards electrification

Love Gunnarsson is working as a Scrum Master for an eMobility project at Semcon HQ in Gothenburg, leading a team of seven highly talented engineers. Love is a XLPM certified project leader and throughout his career so far he has tried out different roles in locations within Semcon. Read his story about how he found his path as an engineer. 


Making the world a little bit better

Making the world a little bit better – each day. That is something Magnus Andersson, project manager at Semcon, is passionate about and try to do through his projects. Whether it is regarding indoor ventilation or electrical vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence

How I ended up pursuing a PhD in AI at Semcon

If you had asked Jens Henriksson back in 2015 what he would be doing five years from now, the answer would never have been an Industrial PhD at Semcon. Now he shares his story about how an amazing master thesis led him on the right track.


Adding perspectives and new ways of working

What does it mean that women’s perspectives still are missing to a large extent in the tech industry? Sofie Askenbom is a project manager and team manager at Semcon. She tells her Semcon Story about how a project opened her eyes to what the gender inequality in the tech industry really means.

Product Information

Changing industries and countries

What is it like to change countries and start a new work life abroad? Guanlan Liu has been working at Semcon for more than 10 years. From being a project manager in the telecom industry in China he is now project manager in the automotive industry – in Sweden. This is his story.

Product Development

Making a car engine float

Henrik Einarsson has been working with mechanical design for over 30 years, the last 15 years here at Semcon. In the beginning of 2018, he was asked to lead a project with the goal to design an outboarder and it’s engine.

Augmented Reality

Embracing new technology

Change is inevitable. To some that might sound scary but for Nicklas Jarl, who works with AR and VR solutions within our business area Product Information, it is the promise of a brave new world. This is his Semcon Story about new technologies and how we all can benefit from knowing more about them. 

Life at Semcon

Work needs to be fun

Do you believe that work needs to be fun? Malin Carlsson and Sophia Nilsson work at the business area Product Information at our Gothenburg office. And they know all about how to make fun things happen at work.

Artificial Intelligence

How I got into AI

To work with artificial intelligence was nothing Laura Masaracchia had in mind when she was younger, but wanting to understand the world led her on the right path.


The love of solving a problem

Since Esraa Al-Rubaye was little, she wanted to become an engineer, since she loved both math and solving all kinds of problems. She came to Sweden for the first time in 2008 and has gone from an internship at Semcon to being employed as a Design Engineer at our office in Karlskrona. This is her story about overcoming difficulties and doing what she loves.

Life at Semcon

People first through Office Yoga

Project Leader and UX Specialist Tina Koohnavard is the initiator of Office Yoga at Semcon’s head office in Gothenburg. She did not always believe in yoga, but now wants to inspire her colleagues and share the experience of practicing self-acceptance.

Mechanical Engineering

A mechanical engineer in life science

Is the life science industry really a place for mechanical engineers? Read our consultant William Sonesson’s story about changing industries and discovering that the differences were not so many at all.

Product Information

Curiosity as a driving force

Johan Elisson is an Information Architect specialist, who didn’t think he would grow up to work with product information. But curiosity led him on the right path. Read his story about always wanting to learn more.

Software Development

If I only knew how to code…

Learning how to code cannot be harder than learning how to read and write. That was what suddenly struck Jenny Forsberg after 11 years as a teacher. Today she is a software developer at Semcon and wants to help make digitization beneficial for everyone.

Product Development

An Epic story

There are times when the only way to succeed is to work as a team. This is a story about one of those times. Read team manager André Ekström’s story about how great collaboration made a project successful in the shortest possible amount of time.

Life at Semcon

Being a student and working at Semcon

Jacob Enetjärn is studying at Karlstad University towards a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management. Parallel to his studies, he works at Semcon in Karlstad. Here are his thoughts on working at Semcon and the benefits of combining work and school.

Product Information

Making technology more human and easier to understand

How can design make technology more human and easier to understand? Ricardo Acevedo works as Art Director (AD) within the business area Product Information at Semcon. Here he tells his Semcon Story about thinking creatively in traditional industries and developing design with the right effect.

Production Development

Teaching machines to see like humans

Farshid Harandi has been working with industrial machine vision for over 10 years and developed machine vision-based solutions for automatic sorting. He believes the way to the future is to build robots with better hand-eye coordination. Just like humans.


Going halfway around the world to Semcon

Eden Rafealov was living a comfortable life in New Zealand when he felt that he needed more discomfort in his life to be able to grow as a person. This is his story, taking him halfway across the globe, to being an electronic systems designer at Semcon.

Process Engineering

Is kindness the most underrated quality of our time?

Nooshin Olsson is a process engineer working in the chemical industry and she has worked at Semcon for almost 5 years in total. Her Semcon Story is about what she thinks might be the most underestimated quality of our time – kindness.

Life Science

The road to becoming a senior quality engineer in the field of Life Science

Things haven't always been entirely straightforward for Henrik Rosencrantz as he's made the transition from studying technology at upper secondary level to becoming a quality engineer in the field of Life Science. Find out more about Henrik's view of his role as a senior consultant in his Semcon Story.

Life Science

From finance to life science

With experience of both finance and health care, Louise Axzell is currently heading for the next stop on her journey: project manager within life science.

Electrical Engineering

Interest in music led to a career as electrical engineer

His interest in music led to a consulting position at a nuclear power plant. Of course, there are many steps between Daniel Marklund's fascination with sound technology in high school and the role as an electrical engineer he now has at Forsmark's nuclear power plant. But that was where the journey began.

Product Information

Passion in languages and engineering ultimate combination for a technical writer

Rabea Peter is a technical writer for Semcon in Cologne, Germany. It was not always clear for her that she would work in a technical field: she actually wanted to become a classical lan-guage teacher. This is her story of how she eventually managed to combine both of her pas-sions: language and engineering.

Product Information

From aviation to rail transport

Stephan Schmidt is a team leader, trainer and technical writer at Semcon in Cologne, Germany. He has always had a connection to technical professions throughout his entire professional career. His path led him from a trained gas and water fitter to an aircraft mechanic and finally to a technical writer.

Design Engineering

From trucks to inhalers

Design engineer Jenny Ander can speak with equal confidence about heavy vehicle components and the product development of combined medical devices. During her three years as a consultant at Semcon, she has managed to switch from one industry to another, work both in-house and at customer sites, and has put herself to the test in the role of team leader. What are her tips for other young engineers? Take the chance to try on a consulting role!

Life Science

From a blank sheet of paper to a successful team

Tran Cam is a doer, working to become a visionary. With one foot on the operational side and the other on the strategic side, and with sights aimed high, she works to deliver digital solutions to the life science industry. When you ask her what she is most proud of, she answers in the blink of an eye: The team! High technical competence combined with humility and transparency can only lead to success.

Life Science

With sights set on Powerhouse Life Science

Just the right cutting-edge expertise, combined with the breadth needed to be a partner from start to finish. According to Sara Sjögren, these are the reasons why Semcon is great at life science. Sara started at Semcon 15 years ago as a consultant and is now proud division manager of Division Stockholm. Read her Semcon Story for more about the strategies behind Semcon's successful life science offering.

Production Development

The art of delivering Kinder Eggs

Emma Jönsson, Area Manager for Stockholm and Södertälje, on how digitalisation doesn’t solve all problems, how team solutions are often the most effective, and on how having a woman manager made her take the leap herself

Want new experiences?

At Semcon we are driven by a genuine curiosity about people and their behaviour, and everything we do is about the people who use our products – the end users.


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