New partnership with Husqvarna in autonomous technology
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  • New partnership with Husqvarna in autonomous technology

Kristina Ekeblad
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New partnership with Husqvarna in autonomous technology.

Yeti Snow Technology, which develops autonomous snow clearance systems for airports, may in time be able to apply their solution to entirely new areas. Today it was announced that Husqvarna Group will join Semcon and Øveraasen as owners of the company. This opens up new possibilities for this smart technology. 

Yeti Snow Technology has developed an advanced system for self-driving vehicles that is used in environments with high demands for safety, precision and reliability. So far, the focus has been on clearing snow from airport runways, and over 40 tests were carried out at Oslo Airport this past winter. Husqvarna Group’s new partnership in the joint venture company paves the way for other areas of application.


We have developed a technology for self-driving vehicles in the very toughest conditions, and this has given us a great deal of knowledge in the area. Partnering with Husqvarna opens new doors for Yeti Snow Technology to scale up and further industrialize the solution.

Per Hagman, Area Manager, Software & Emerging Tech, Engineering & Digital Services

Husqvarna Group is a market leader in grass cutting technology and with autonomous solutions, airports could streamline a time-consuming job.

Autonomous technology has been a focus for quite some time at Husqvarna Group. By combining our know-how with the knowledge and experience of our new partners, we aim at improving the airport management enhancing safety, lowering costs and providing a better passenger experience.

Sascha Menges, President Husqvarna Division

The three companies will share ownership equally in Yeti Snow Technology. The aim of the partnership is to further develop autonomous solutions for airports, and ultimately in other areas as well.

Find out more about Yeti Snow Technology at or

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Kristina Ekeblad
Communications Director
+46 (0)704 130 926
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