Digital training to facilitate conversations about mental illness
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Kristina Ekeblad
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Digital training to facilitate conversations about mental illness.

If more people dared to talk about suicide and ask when someone doesn’t seem to be doing okay, more lives could be saved. Semcon is developing a digital training course for Suicide Zero that specifically addresses the issue of daring to talk about suicide.

Suicide Zero has presented the lecture “Våga fråga” (“Dare to Ask”), which focuses on suicide prevention, for a number of different groups over the years. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the lecture was made available digitally, and was viewed by more than 2,000 people in 2020. It is now time for the next step, and an e-learning course will launch in 2021.

By creating a new digital training course, it will now be possible to reach out to more people and make an even bigger difference. Digital education offers a number of advantages, including that you can adapt the content to fit the knowledge level of the participants, and that the timing of the course is flexible.

Cecilia Sandström, Head of Semcon’s Training Division in Stockholm

Interactive and engaging

“Dare to Ask” is already a well-proven concept, so Semcon’s focus is on creating an interactive and engaging e-learning experience. Experts participating in the project include filmmakers, screenwriters and art directors. Semcon is also responsible for the distribution of the course, which will be directed primarily at organisations, companies and municipalities in Sweden.

“This is a project that is exciting not only in determining how we can best digitise an already well-functioning lecture, but also because it is such an engaging topic. For me and for many of my colleagues at Semcon, this project means that we can be a part of helping to reduce the suicide rate and getting more people to dare to talk about such a difficult subject,” says Cecilia Sandström.

The “Dare to Ask” e-learning course opens up new opportunities to reach out to the entire society and share vital knowledge. Having knowledge about how we can talk with a fellow human being about mental illness and suicidal thoughts is just as important as having knowledge about first aid and CPR.

Rickard Bracken, General Secretary of Suicide Zero

About Suicide Zero

Suicide Zero is a non-profit organisation that works to drastically reduce the number of suicides in Sweden. Every year, nearly 1,600 people in Sweden take their own lives, and Suicide Zero is dedicated to raising awareness about this issue, identifying societal shortcomings and disseminating knowledge. Read more about Suicide Zero.

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Kristina Ekeblad
Communications Director
+46 (0)704 130 926
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