Acclaimed car engine to become unique outboard
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Acclaimed car engine to become unique outboard.

A popular twin turbo, three-litre diesel engine may be taking to the water soon. Semcon has been working in cooperation with Cimco Marine to complete a successful pilot study looking at converting the engine for marine use. This will make it the world’s first three-litre diesel outboard engine with an output in excess of 200 horsepower. A prototype will be produced after the summer. Plans are afoot to put the engine into production in 2020.

This engine offers major potential for the marine environment. High output and outstanding quality are important features for many people operating professionally, such as people running working boats and fast recreational boats. The enormous forces involved advance engineering – and are really good fun

Henrik Einarsson, technical project manager at Semcon

The pilot study is based on a three-litre turbo diesel engine, which now may be modified and adapted for professional marine use. Semcon is handling the design work, calculation and simulation as part of the project. The next phase may begin shortly. This will involve devising a prototype that will be tested in water.

The outcome of the pilot study is extremely positive. We have worked together with Semcon to identify what measures are needed for us to embark upon the next phase. This gives us every chance of taking the project to the next level

Cecilia Anderberg, CEO of Cimco Marine

Cimco Marine AB has spent a number of years developing OXE Diesel, the world’s first diesel outboard engine in the higher output range. Cimco Marine’s unique, patented solutions for power transfer from engine to propeller have resulted in major demand for the company’s engines all over the world.

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