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Strategic partnership with Thrive on the digital learning platform of the future

Continuously learning new things at work has never been more important than today. Therefore companies need to be able to offer their employees engaging learning experiences with the help of the latest technology. Semcon, through its subsidiary Xtractor, is now expanding its offering in digital learning and becoming the exclusive Swedish partner to UK based Thrive Learning, which offers an innovative learning platform, THRIVE LXP.


Semcon to deliver new project with global train manufacturer Talgo

Semcon has signed a new agreement with leading global train manufacturer Talgo. Semcon in Germany will support Talgo with the digital maintenance documentation of its high-speed trains. More efficient maintenance ensures an increase in train availability, quality and safety.


Semcon expands in digital learning through acquisition in the UK

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of organisations are discovering that digital learning solutions offer learning that is flexible and targeted to their audiences. Through the acquisition of the UK company Walkgrove, Semcon is expanding its leading offering in digital learning with a local presence in a new geographic market.


Semcon accelerates its climate action agenda

Semcon joins the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the Science Based Targets initiative, the Race to Zero campaign and the UN Global Compact. These initiatives are all aligned with the ambition of the Paris Agreement to limit the global warming to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.


Improving service of Sheffield trams with new training solutions

In a new project for public transport operator Stagecoach in the UK, Semcon will develop training to assist the servicing of the new Citylink trams for the Supertram network in South Yorkshire. Quicker and more effective maintenance means more reliable trams and greater availability for passengers. This is in line with Semcon’s aim to grow its business within product information solutions for the rail industry.

Product information

New project paves the way for digitalisation of product information

Many companies digitalise their technical information and training courses in order to enhance the customer experience and strengthen aftermarket business. When Sandvik’s division, Stationary Crushing & Screening, wanted to take that step, it chose Semcon to carry out the analysis for the digitalisation of product information and training courses.


Digital training to facilitate conversations about mental illness

Semcon is developing a digital training course for Suicide Zero that specifically addresses the issue of daring to talk about suicide.

Applied Autonomy

Next step in autonomous snow removal at Norwegian airports

Norwegian airport operator Avinor is now taking the next step towards autonomous snow removal through a new framework agreement regarding the purchase of self-driving runway sweepers. The self-driving technology is developed by the technology company Yeti Move AS, where Semcon is one of the co-owners.

Product Information

New partnership for effective digital training in the forestry industry

Xtractor, which is part of Semcon Group, has embarked upon a new partnership with Biometria, a key stakeholder in Swedish forestry. A new learning management system (LMS) will make Biometria’s digital training courses more modern and effective. In the long run, this will give more people access to the knowledge they need to keep our forestry industry running.


Semcon develops app for the Rescue Mission in Sweden

Reduced food waste and affordable groceries for low-income households. The Rescue Mission's MatRätt supermarket opened up in Gothenburg earlier this year. Now, in order to achieve a fairer distribution of groceries, Semcon is developing an app to help with appointment bookings for the customers. Development of the app will be part of Semcon's CSR programme.


More stroke patients can be saved with CT scan in helicopter

Semcon are involved in a project which aims initially to prove that it is possible to install a CT scanner in a helicopter ambulance.

Product Development

Semcon leads new research project to investigate how big data can streamline product development

How can companies use big data to improve their product development? The Research Council of Norway is awarding funding to Semcon for a new research project.

Autonomous Solutions

Semcon in new autonomous vehicle project in the Port of Gävle

This autumn, Semcon will be conducting a new feasibility study for Yilport to investigate how transport flows in the Port of Gävle can be made more efficient. Autonomous vehicles enable logistics processes to be automated, which reduces costs while also improving safety and quality.

Product Information

Digital solutions with potential to transform service within the rail industry

Semcon is aiming to grow its business within rail as the demand for new service solutions is rapidly increasing.

Product Information

Semcon develops digital training for Lynk & Co’s European launch

Semcon has been trusted to develop all training for the European workshop network in its preparation for the European launch of the 01 car model. Semcon is collaborating with Lynk & Co to provide the technicians with the digital training material needed to acquire the knowledge they need on the new product, the unique Lynk & Co processes and tools.

Production Development

More efficient green fuel cells from new production project

Semcon is currently deepening its collaboration with fuel cell manufacturer PowerCell. Both through a new framework agreement and by developing a new robotic cell with the use of vision technology that will streamline the production of fuel cells for the vehicles of the future.

Life Science

Semcon development partner for revolutionary cancer treatment

Radiation therapy for cancer can cause many side effects for patients. By making use of the opportunities from new technology, Kongsberg Beam Technology is developing a world-unique proton treatment – with minimal side effects for multiple types of cancer. Semcon is responsible for the project's technical and digital development.


Digital platform to reduce the risk of infections during surgery

Together with Getinge, Semcon is developing a new digital platform to make it easier to identify where the risk of infections during surgery is greatest.


New AI-powered virtual assistant for professional use

We’re used to chatting with computers nowadays. We talk to Siri and Alexa, for example, in our homes and our cars. But for many companies, services of this kind aren’t an option due to security classified data. Semcon has used the very latest in artificial intelligence to develop a revolutionary virtual assistant for professional use: SIA (Semcon Intelligent Assistant).


New robotic technology for proactive cleaning of ships

A completely new innovation for keeping the hulls of large vessels free from fouling. With Semcon as a technology partner, Jotun, the world leader in marine coatings, is contributing to reduced emissions and healthier oceans through its revolutionary Hull Skating Solutions (HSS).

Product Information

Semcon strengthens its position within digital training through acquisition

Semcon has made the acquisition of Stockholm-based company Xtractor, which will become part of business area Product Information. The acquisition means that Semcon is strengthening its position within digital product information through an enhanced expertise in the production of interactive web and mobile training as well as the implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS).


Semcon in new Edge AI partnership

Semcon is embarking upon a new partnership with Imagimob, a company developing software for Edge AI, and expanding its digital offering still further as a result. Edge AI means that even more and smaller products can be both connected and intelligent.

Artificial Intelligence

Semcon develops AI-driven data management for Stena Line

Combining the latest in AI, data mining and information architecture means that Semcon is now assisting the Stena Line shipping company with a new pilot project for development of a unique data management solution. This solution is paving the way for new digital, sustainable and profitable services at Stena Line.

Production Development

Faster analysis thanks to collaborative robot in laboratory

With a collaborative robot Semcon will automate analysis of samples for an international laboratory company. The objective is to create a faster, safer process and free up time for laboratory personnel so that they can focus on more advanced tasks.

Applied Autonomy

Better roads thanks to autonomous technology

As part of a Norwegian innovation project relating to future road construction Semcon has developed and validated a solution to make a compactor autonomous. The objective is to eliminate difficult work for staff, reduce the time needed to build new roads and enhance quality, resulting in longer lifespan.


Semcon new partner for VW electrification in Brazil

Electric vehicle development is moving at a rapidly increasing pace. There is great potential for heavy-duty vehicles, but it involves different and challenging demands. Within the framework of an e-Mobility-consortium, Semcon Brazil is entering a partnership with Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus to develop the e-Delivery truck as the first step.

Project Excellence

New cooperation makes way for more successful projects

Many organisations find project delays both common and costly. Semcon is now launching a cooperation with Velocity Management Group (VMG) in order to strengthen the project management offering. The objective: for more projects to deliver on time.


Autonomous solutions tested at airport in unique collaboration project

Autonomous vehicles will be part of our future, but how and where should they be used to benefit us the most? Semcon is developing an autonomous tractor to keep runway edge lights clear of snow as part of a research project investigating new airport maintenance technology. Automation can be used to reduce costs while also increasing efficiency and quality. The technology has now been tested for the first time at Örnsköldsvik Airport.


New partnership with Husqvarna in autonomous technology

Yeti Snow Technology, which develops autonomous snow clearance systems for airports, may in time be able to apply their solution to entirely new areas. Today it was announced that Husqvarna Group will join Semcon and Øveraasen as owners of the company. This opens up new possibilities for this smart technology.


International acclaim for Semcon diversity campaign

The Semcon campaign Add Perspectives, which emphasises the importance of encouraging more women to join the tech industry, has been nominated in two international competitions. When the European Diversity Awards announced their shortlist today, Semcon is nominated for both the Marketing Campaign of the Year title, as well as Diversity Team of the Year. The campaign is also the only Swedish nominee for a “top award” in Content Marketing Awards.


Semcon in new digital twins partnership

Creating virtual copies of physical products offers great opportunities for future product development. Semcon is now entering a new partnership with EDRMedeso, which develops and sells software for design, development and simulation.


Semcon develops new game for homework on the go

There are clear links between physical activity and performance at school. But how do we inspire pupils to exercise more? As part of an equal health research project being run by Malmö University, Semcon has developed a mobile app that can get pupils to do their homework while also exercising outdoors.


Semcon in new project for safer autonomous vehicles

Semcon is part of a new functional safety partnership with a global vehicle manufacturer. This project aims to use quality-assured system solutions to ensure that the autonomous vehicles of the future are reliable.

Life Science

Semcon focusing on increased growth in life science

Lifestyle-related diseases, an ageing population and rapid technical progress all mean that major investments need to be made in the life science sector over the next few years. Semcon is now increasing the pace of its growth in this field.


New division manager for Digital Services at Semcon

Semcon is now reinforcing its digital presence still further by recruiting Dragi Atanasovski. Dragi has extensive experience of digital service development and business development, and as of 12 August he will be taking over as the head of the newly established Digital Services division at Semcon.


Semcon wins two communication awards

Technology company Semcon wins double awards in Scandinavia’s largest content marketing competition for the campaign Add Perspectives.


Semcon in new project to futureproof power supply for trains

A new contract means that Semcon will be futureproofing the energy plants powering Swedish rail services. The contract covers a total of around 200 plants ensuring that trains can operate smoothly and safely. This project is an example of Semcon’s strategic focus on the rail industry.

Product Information

Semcon becomes a global partner for AGCO

Semcon has initiated a multi-year partnership with leading agricultural equipment manufacturer, AGCO. The agreement means that Semcon will be responsible for the development and production of AGCO’s aftermarket information.


Winners of Grand Award of Design for unique 3D bioprinter

BIO X, a 3D bioprinter for human tissue is awarded The Grand Award of Design 2019. The company behind this innovation is CELLINK who, together with Semcon’s design department, have developed a user-friendly and original exterior for the printer.

Smart products

Semcon develops cloud solution for autonomous drones

Production Development

Semcon increases focus on digitized and sustainable manufacturing industry

Demand for digitization in the manufacturing industry is ever-increasing. Besides creating sustainable production, there are major streamlining benefits and savings to be made. Semcon is now aiming to significantly increase its presence in the industry with a unique mix of digital expertise and extensive experience in production optimisation.


Greater digital focus when Semcon restructures

Engineering Services, the biggest business area at Semcon, is undergoing restructuring to make it more capable of adapting to market changes. The objective is to meet customers’ future needs more clearly and stay relevant with end users’ changing behaviours with the business area’s entire offering in all regions and industries. The digital offering is strengthened, generating increased growth potential.


Semcon offers game programming course for unaccompanied refugees

Programming is an attractive skill on the labour market and can open doors to many different industries all over the world. Semcon is now offering a course on game programming so that unaccompanied young refugees can wake up to programming, giving them more skills for the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Founding partner of AI Innovation of Sweden

Semcon is one of the founding partners of AI Innovation of Sweden – a national initiative to accelerate research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI). With an extensive experience of AI projects, both on theoretical and application levels, Semcon will continue to develop AI solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.


More airports can stay open thanks to new autonomous solutions

Semcon will be developing new autonomous solutions to help airports reduce their costs and make them safer. This time, the company will be devising smart ways to clear snow from landing lights using autonomous vehicles.


New electric motor for milk tankers reduces emissions

Semcon has developed an electrical system that will reduce diesel consumption for a single truck by up to 5000 litres per year. Noise and emissions at farms will also be reduced.

Production Development

Semcon automates production of eco-friendly fuel cells

Semcon expands the partnership with fuel cell company Powercell with a view to upscale the company’s production of fuel cells with automation and robots.

Applied Autonomy

Semcon tests autonomous snowploughs at Oslo Airport

The Yeti project is now embarking upon the next phase in its implementation and the snowploughs will go into live operation at Oslo Airport this winter.

Life Science

New initiatives for smart MedTech

A new framework agreement has also been concluded with AstraZeneca, applicable to everything from product and production development to product information.

Product Information

Smarter product information with augmented reality

Semcon is launching a new collaborative venture with XMReality to enhance the user experience of product information with the help of augmented reality (AR).

Applied Autonomy

Better cycling options thanks to research into autonomous vehicles

Snow, ice, wet leaves and gravel. There are lots of reasons why fewer people cycle in winter. Semcon will be responsible for part of the technical solution in a new research project aiming to examine how autonomous work vehicles can improve the accessibility of footpaths and cycle paths. More people may be persuaded to cycle all year round.


Digital solution to support vulnerable children

Semcon together with SOS Barnbyar (SOS Children’s Villages) are going to develop a digital solution designed to support children in social care in Sweden – unaccompanied refugee minors, for example.


Semcon’s product design wins two Red Dot Awards

A 3D printer for human tissue from CELLINK and a user-friendly rack system for bikes from Atran Velo. These are two winning entries for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018.


Semcon wins two Red Dot Awards for product design

An innovative marine searchlight from Colorlight and an advanced measurement instrument developed with Orexplore are Semcon’s two winning contributions to the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.


Semcon wins contract with Fortum

Technology company Semcon is entering a new collaborative venture with energy corporation Fortum. The project involves the upcoming refurbishment of hydropower stations at Kallsjön. The SEK 20 million project will extend over two years.


Semcon wins brand journey of the year 2017

Technology company Semcon has been awarded ‘Brand Journey of the Year’. The prize acknowledges the company in Sweden that has conducted the most successful brand movement during 2017.


Acclaimed car engine to become unique outboard

A popular twin turbo, three-litre diesel engine may be taking to the water soon. Semcon has been working in cooperation with Cimco Marine to complete a successful pilot study looking at converting the engine for marine use.


Cars will soon be able to deliver themselves

A vehicle today is moved about 25 times manually before it reaches the end customer. Yet new research shows how cars can be transported through the logistics chain without a driver. The system was developed by Semcon in collaboration with seven other companies. A prototype is already up and running.


How safe can autonomous vehicles become?

During some years Semcon has been focusing on knowledge build up and support to our customers within the autonomous driving field, as a part in our responsibility to find solutions for a safe and efficient society.


New Business Area President recruited to Semcon

Daniel Rundgren has been appointed as the new Business Area President for Semcon’s largest business area, Engineering Services, and will join the Group management.


Research project to prove self-driving cars are safe

Before self-driving cars can become reality, we have to be able to guarantee that they are safe. Semcon’s contribution to the project focuses on communication between drivers and vehicles.


Report from autonomous driving conference in Berlin

Summary of Advanced Suspension Systems Summit for Autonomous Driving

Product Information

Semcon acquires German product information company

Semcon has acquired the company HAAS-Publikationen GmbH. Through the acquisition, Semcon expands its presence within product information on the German market.


Semcon among Sweden’s most attractive employers

Semcon climbs eight places in the top 100 list of this year’s Business Barometer and is thereby named rocket of the year. Universum conducts the survey, in which engineering students rank Sweden’s most attractive employer.


Semcon developing driverless car deliveries for Volvo Bil

Technology company Semcon is now working together with Volvo Bil to test the option of driverless movement of cars through the logistics chain.


Semcon develops autonomous snow removal vehicle

Yeti Snow Technology, owned jointly by Semcon and Øveraasen, has signed a cooperation agreement with Norwegian airport operator Avinor to develop a self-driving snow removal vehicle.

Smart Services

Semcon involved in new smart factory partnership

It is now clear that technology company Semcon will be embarking upon a new partnership with Kuka Nordic in the field of smart factories. As the system
provider, the company will be working together with Kuka to develop the offering for Industry 4.0 on the Nordic market.

Press Releases


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