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Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
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Dion Applebee
Manager UK, Engineering & Digital Services
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At Semcon, we help our customers with new perspectives – to find sustainable technical solutions that make life better for humans and our planet. Understanding people’s needs and behaviours and how we can create a better and more sustainable world is necessary for success. And that is our strength at Semcon. An innovative force built on different perspectives – built on people.

We can make the biggest difference by combining digital and physical solutions

Sustainability can be interpreted in many ways and we have chosen to present this from five perspectives that are relevant to our business. We view sustainability work as an integral part of all of our activities and our daily work. At Semcon, we best contribute to a sustainable society by creating the technological solutions of the future in an innovative and sustainable way, always based on the needs and behaviour of the end users.

We can make the greatest contribution by combining innovative digital solutions with physical products and production environments. When we develop digital solutions, we do so from three horizons:

  • The first horizon, Recharge, is about upgrading existing products.
  • Reinvent, the second horizon, means that we invent new sustainable products and services using digital solutions.
  • The third horizon, Reimagine, is about creating completely new business models, portfolios and organisation.

Business logic

Entrepreneurship is key to creating long-term profitability and sustainable business over time. Our ambition is to create more long-term partnerships with our customers. As an international consultancy company, we manage risk by operating in several markets within different industries and to differentiated customer segments. We develop long-term business commitments that include respect and responsibility as the basis for how we relate to customers, business partners, subcontractors and to the world around us.


At Semcon, we have a long history of closeness to our customers and their businesses, allowing us to recognise their needs. Throughout our 40 years in the market, we have positioned ourselves as an international group consisting of innovative, sustainable and cross-border collaborations. We support our customers in their product development and product information processes – all to ultimately contribute to a more sustainable society. At Semcon, we are always focused on the end user because we know that satisfied users are an important key factor in the success of our customers. We want to develop long-term customer relationships and set ambitious goals in our customer satisfaction survey – and surpass them. Our customers give us high ratings for how we understand their business activities, that we offer solutions tailored to their needs, and for our delivery quality. We invest and participate in a number of different research projects in order to stay at the forefront of technology development.


The entire global community is facing major challenges from climate change and in energy use. As a consultancy company without our own production or extensive logistics, our greatest contribution to an environmentally sustainable development is in the technical solutions we create for our customers. As for our own activities, the most important environmental aspect is how we travel. We therefore strive to reduce unnecessary travel and promote green cars as company cars, as well as offer digital tools for collaboration. Our head office is certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system as well as Green Building. We are also working to increase the proportion of environmentally certified office space in order to reduce our environmental impact and total energy consumption.


As a consultancy company, it’s not just our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers that are important. How we do it is just as important. Our Code of Conduct underpins our entire business.

We channel our ambition to do good by actively engaging our employees in CSR projects. By setting aside 2000 hours per year for a range of activities with a focus on social benefits, our employees can make a difference in their local contexts.


At Semcon, our employees are at the heart of what we do. We develop products for everyone, in use worldwide, so we understand the importance of broadening perspectives in order to include and understand all types of end users. In turn, this demands a broad mix of experiences and different backgrounds among the employees. It is important for us to create the conditions for an inspiring workplace where everyone can do a really good job, thrive and develop. The equality of all people is Semcon’s starting point in all recruitment, skills development, promotion or other collaboration. More specifically, we have adopted the quantitative goal of being an equal opportunity company (40/60 gender balance) by the end of 2022.

We are proud that our employees enjoy working at Semcon. We receive high ratings in our annual employee survey in terms of employee engagement, and our employees feel well respected by managers and colleagues.


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