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Anette Norén
Business Manager Design, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)736 82 77 31
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Design & User Experience.

With deep knowledge in the methodology of Design thinking and User experience (UX) we at Semcon help our customers to identify unique opportunities to be disruptive and stay relevant – today and tomorrow.

Design & UX case studies

Semcon’s Design & UX department is a design and innovation studio working with everything from industrial design to sustainability design and user research. Our experts can seamlessly create and innovate across a range of digital, physical and servitization disciplines in all industries.

Ultimately we design solutions for the future, solutions that add real value for people, planet and business.

Anette Norén, Business Manager Design, Engineering & Digital Services at Semcon

Our focus is always on the end users and their experiences. We believe that early insights and understanding of the people who are actually using the products and services in the end is essential. By gaining that knowledge we can unfold and see the bigger picture when it comes to designing a great user experience.

The importance of a diverse team

Our studio is diverse – with a diversity of expertise, tech, design and brains. This way we are able to understand the needs of all kinds of end users and see creative solutions to any given challenge. We help our customers from strategic vision to market ready solutions – with all the competencies needed under one roof.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Design
    Design Management & Advisory, Design Thinking, Brand Design & Strategy, Business Design, Trend Research, Service Design, Sustainable Design & Circular Economy, New Tech
  • Design
    Industrial Design, Automotive Design, CMF Design, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Packaging Design, Virtual/Animation/Film, Surface Modelling, Model & Prototype, Design Project Management
  • UX
    User Research, UX & Interaction Design, Human Factors Engineering, Ergonomics, Behavioural Science, Front End, iOS/Android Development


Anette Norén
Business Manager Design, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)736 82 77 31
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