Semcon and ELOP in new collaboration on the development of unique concrete scanners
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  • Semcon and ELOP in new collaboration on the development of unique concrete scanners

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Semcon and ELOP in new collaboration on the development of unique concrete scanners.

Semcon has signed a product development agreement with the Norwegian technology company ELOP. The collaboration will result in a concrete scanner for critical infrastructure that will be ready for commercial sales later this year.

Semcon will complement ELOP’s expertise in scanning with further expertise in multi-disciplinary solution development. We are looking forward to provide all our experience from material technology, embedded electronics development, design for manufacturing, UX design, product information and overall Systems design.

Hans Peter Havdal, Area Manager, Semcon Norge AS

ELOP’s patented ultrasound scanning technology can quickly, efficiently and accurately collect infrastructure assessment data. With the help of the data, owners of critical concrete infrastructure, such as bridges, tunnels and buildings, can get accurate information to assess the condition of the structures. Damage or failure can have serious consequences, financially, environmentally and above all for safety.

Unique technology, unique user experiences

We are extremely pleased with our agreement and excited to work with Semcon. Their deep domain expertise in product development and industrialisation will assist ELOP in developing the Cobri scanner into a robust and user-friendly solution. This project will include user-based development of the present solution, and optimisation of the product for efficient production and operation.

Kjersti Kanne, CEO, ELOP


Digital product information

The collaboration with Semcon also encompasses digital product information to simplify the use and service of the scanner. Semcon’s wide expertise across many industries, will enable ELOP to provide relevant and easily accessible information to its users.

Read more about Semcon’s offerings in product development and product information.

Visit ELOPs website to read more about the concrete scanner.


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