How safe can autonomous vehicles become?
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How safe can autonomous vehicles become?

For the past few years, Semcon has been focusing on acquiring knowledge and providing support to our customers in the field of autonomous driving as part of our responsibility to find solutions for a safe and efficient society.

Autonomous vehicles, which are more or less self-driving, are being developed and have evolved rapidly for several years through the efforts of many different types of companies in a number of markets. However, there are still many challenges to overcome. The focus thus far has been on cars, but heavy road vehicles, construction equipment and other types of transportation will pose similar challenges as they move towards autonomy.

Keeping track of safety issues is of paramount importance.

Since mobility and safety are important to us, we took part in the recently finalized Vinnova-funded FUSE project, a research project focusing on system architecture and functional safety for autonomous road vehicles. Some of the interesting findings reported on are:

  • Why a self-driving car does NOT need to tell the driver about the current mode of automation.
  • Why a high level of functional safety does NOT guarantee a limited number of accidents for a self-driving car.
  • Why a self-driving car needs to categorize what it does NOT see on the road ahead.


Read more: FUSE project



Video with our experts discussing validation of autonomous cars

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