Semcon for students
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Anna Henebäck
Recruiter, Engineering & Digital Services
+46(0)70 421 06 54
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Christian Grönwall
HR Manager, Product Information
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Work life experience for students.

Apply for internship or thesis work

Semcon has operations in over 30 locations across many different markets around the world. The greatness of technology is measured by the value it adds for its users. For us at Semcon, the most important factor is always our end users, the people actually using the technology. People first, then technology.

Write your thesis with us

We offer students the possibility to write their thesis based on set subject. We publish these along with our job vacancies under the Students category. You will find information about the subject as well as desired field of study.

Internships and summer jobs

Unfortunately we are unable to offer summer jobs but sometimes we have internships at Semcon. You will find them among with our other job vacancies.

Meet with us

We frequently have different activities, webinars and events. Please follow us on social media to stay tuned: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram


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