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Linus Pihlsgård
Employer Branding & Student Relations
+46 (0)701 60 39 48
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Work life experience for students.

We are always looking for the right employees and new talents. This is why we are happy to meet people who are still studying, through lectures, events and job fairs. Even as a student you have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with us.

Come meet us at your campus

We frequently have different activities and events for students – please check our social media channels for more information. Do not hesitate to contact us if any questions and do not forget to check out our many available job openings. We hope to see you soon!

Write your thesis with us

We offer students the possibility to write their thesis based on set subjects. We publish these along with our job vacancies under the Students category. You will find information about the subject as well as desired field of study.

Are there no subject that relates to your field, or do you have a certain subject in mind? Get in contact with any of the recruiters in the bottom of this page and we will look into if we can offer a thesis position within your field.

One-Step-In Programme

Are you studying at one of Sweden’s technical universities or colleges? Would you like to get to know Semcon as a company and take your first steps towards a career? If so, our One-Step-In Programme might be just the thing for you!

As a company acting in the technology industry, we are always in need of new talent and new perspectives. So as a student about to graduate, we would like to offer you a unique insight into how we work here at Semcon, and what being a consultant is all about. If you like to do your thesis with us, we can offer you a subject to write about – but of course, we would very much welcome your own ideas as well.

You will get to know how things work at one of our departments as part of this programme, as well as receiving a taste of what your future professional role might involve. You will have the opportunity to take a closer look and learn more about some of the projects ongoing at the department. This is a great opportunity for you to consider how you would have approached the projects in question.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for applicants who are just starting the final year of their degree studies in the autumn, at either Undergraduate or Masters level.

We would like you to be:

  • an inquisitive student who wants to know more about your field of study
  • the kind of person who is happy to share opinions and insights. We are interested in hearing about your perspectives as a student. Insights like that are valuable to us.
  • curious about Semcon as a company
  • the kind of person who longs to apply all your knowledge to your work.


The application form will be open during spring/summer 2020 and we will start recruiting for the programme in September.

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Linus Pihlsgård

Internships and summer jobs

Since we accept a lot of students for thesis work every year, we see this as a form of internship and therefore, unfortunately, find it difficult to accept students for pure internships as well. However, it is possible that you can find vacancies for internships in some departments under “Vacancies”. Unfortunately we are unable to offer summer jobs, but we hope to meet you when you apply to write your thesis with us instead.


Linus Pihlsgård
Employer Branding & Student Relations
+46 (0)701 60 39 48
Contact me

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