Digital training solutions
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Stefan Moldenhauer
Country Manager Germany, Product Information
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Digital training solutions.

In a constantly changing and increasingly complex reality, the demand for efficient learning and knowledge transfer is high. Semcon is a leading full service provider of solutions for professional learning.

We can help your organisation develop employees, build highly skilled service and sales forces, and provide relevant product knowledge to customers.

Our aim is to drive change through digital learning experiences. That means we help our customers to reach their business goals and change objectives by developing customised learning solutions adapted to the target group’s needs and behaviour.


Let us help you with learning strategies and advice, tailored learning systems and courses, and all things needed to enable efficient learning throughout your organisation.

Erik Baljeu, Training Manager at Semcon

The full learning ecosystem

At Semcon we work with the entire digital learning ecosystem, from fully customised systems and learning experience platforms to the smallest piece of content.

When developing learning experiences, we keep focus on the user on both sides of the system. That means our solutions provide relevant training for the attendees, and at the same time support the instructors and administrators in their tasks

By adapting the solutions to your organisation’s needs and requirements, we ensure efficiency and goal fulfilment in all aspects of the learning process.

What are your learning objectives?

We develop customised digital learning for different purposes and target groups:

  • On Boarding
  • Implementation of policies and processes
  • Compliance and certification
  • Deployment of systems and tools
  • Roll-out of products and technologies

Examples of target groups:

  • Employees in private corporations
  • Public sector target groups
  • Technical service staff and networks
  • Sales and commercial staff and networks
  • Extended networks and enterprise stakeholders (within for example industry organisations, unions, learning providers, public sector)


Our offerings and solutions:

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Stefan Moldenhauer
Country Manager Germany, Product Information
+49 172 25 08 049

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