The Internet of Shit Song
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  • The Internet of Shit Song

Kristina Ekeblad
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Just because it’s connected doesn’t mean it’s smart.

Before connecting the products, we have to connect with the people. What are the drivers and needs to satisfy? From these insights, let’s see how we can build a case.

Anders Sundin, Head of User Experience at Semcon.

Join us in making products Smart

In a new survey, the majority of respondents answered that technology leaves them frustrated. At the same time, there are expected to be 30 billion connected devices by 2020. To reach the true potential of these new products, it’s the users, not the things, who need to be connected with first.

Smart is Semcon’s collective term for new innovative solutions that use technology such as connectivity, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, autonomy, etc. However, the right technology alone does not create successful products. Semcon Smart combines the technology, the user experience and the business viability to create usable products that customers are willing to pay for.

Currently we have several open positions. For example we are looking for Embedded Software developers, Front-end/HMI developers, Cloud Application Developers and User Experience experts. Apply at our Career Page.

Realise your digital potential

Three perspectives: User, Business & Tech

Listen to our experts giving their recommendations on what’s central when setting the course for a new Smart project.

The Semcon Smart Partner Model takes all of the vital steps and suggested deliverables into account in order to help you reach your targets. The visual below gives you an overview. We look forward to discussing your Smart ambitions!


Proof to the promise

These examples give you an idea of how we work in both customer and research projects to promote a more holistic and user-friendly approach to Smart.

The making of “The Internet of S**t Song”

In our campaign music video we take a light-hearted look at what can happen with all our smart gadgets if we forget to involve the users.  See how the film was made and hear the director, puppeteer and others comment on their work. Listen at Spotify.

The music video was recorded with world-leading manufacturers of puppets and miniature worlds. The various sets – everything from escalators to the petals on the flowers – are made entirely of paper. At the same time, the puppets have been 3D printed using the latest technology and contain tiny motors that make eyebrows and mouths move.


Kristina Ekeblad
Communications Director
+46 (0)704 130 926
Contact me

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