VR & 3D Scanning
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Experience the future with Virtual Reality and 3D scanning.

An effective solution that saves money

With 3D scanning and virtual reality technology you can forget about the difficult to interpret sketches and approximate room estimations of the past. You can instead experience your future production environment right from the planning phase and get all of the details right from the start.

When the planning of new production environments can be placed in a digital three-dimensional environment, you finally have an alternative to complex 2D drawings. In three simple steps, Semcon’s specialists in 3D scanning and VR transport you to a copy of reality with almost exact information on how your production environment will look and function.

Visualisation with 3D scanning opens up possibilities. Above all, it is an effective way of working that saves money and ensures a good end result. Potential problems are identified early on and the premises can be optimised before completion.

The technology is aimed mainly at the manufacturing industry, but has also been tested successfully in construction and infrastructure projects. Everything from small details to large complex premises can be digitised, visualised, optimised and experienced. We also see that cooperation within the team improves when we all share the same picture.

Robert Eliasson, Production Development

An advanced technique that’s easy to use

Digital virtual reality for industrial applications is no longer science fiction. It is a relatively easy to use tool that gives immediate lifelike results. Scanning a factory building with 3D technology is simpler than most imagine. It is similar to Google Street View, but with underlying digital information that you can analyse and use to base calculations on.

The project from scanning to seeing and experiencing the premises in VR is a three step process:

  1. First, there is the actual 3D scanning of the factory premises and equipment which results in 360-degree photographs and a detailed digital point cloud. This is delivered in an easy to use interface.
  2. In step two, we model the existing or planned premises and associated equipment in the CAD system of your choice. Both scanner information and 2D layouts can be used as input. The result is a flexible, clean and clear 3D model of the layout.
  3. In the third step we visualise the 3D model in a VR environment. The full VR equipment is then left with you for evaluation and analysis for an agreed period of time.

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