AI virtual assistant maximises use of data
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Dion Applebee
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AI virtual assistant maximises use of data.

We’re used to chatting with computers nowadays. We talk to Siri and Alexa, for example, in our homes and our cars. But for many companies, services of this kind aren’t an option as they handle security classified data. Semcon has used the very latest in artificial intelligence to develop a revolutionary virtual assistant for professional use.

Most companies handle vast quantities of data. But how best to use it?

Semcon’s AI virtual assistant SIA (Semcon Intelligent Assistant) is based on our unique data management platform S4, which means that all existing data in all the different systems is linked in a smart, effective way with anyone or anything requiring access – whether it is a human or another advanced AI solution.


Semcon Intelligent Assistant (SIA) - revolutionary virtual assistant for professional use.

Service is one of many applications for this solution. Because the more advanced technology is, the more complex it is to maintain. And the data volumes that service technicians have to handle are vast.

Semcon’s intelligent assistant SIA can help your company to:

  • Structure large data volumes from different sources
  • Find responses and links that humans can’t see
  • Streamline service and maximise uptime for machinery and systems
  • Facilitate future digital initiatives thanks to optimised data management
  • Depending on the security classification of the data, we can create a solution with absolutely no contact with external systems
Finding the right information in these kinds of data volumes and also validating the information you find within a reasonable time has been an overwhelming task. Until now, that is.

Jonas Öster, Business Developer and Project Manager at Semcon

Scalable semantic layer

Development of the AI driven virtual assistant has been possible thanks to Semcon’s mix of cutting-edge skills in fields such as information management and AI. A data miner is used to structure the data, and a semantic layer made up of ontologies is built up. This is what clarifies links and relevance in the data, and structures it so that the virtual assistant can find the information that’s required.

Our solution can be adapted to handle the specific challenges of every company, whether it involves searching for information or managing data in order to facilitate further digital initiatives.

Gustav Tempelman, Department Manager, Product Information at Semcon

Delivers correct responses quickly

Built with the very latest in Artificial Intelligence, this virtual assistant isn’t just able to find the right information in vast data volumes – it can also find links that humans simply wouldn’t be able to see. You can get an answer to your question in any format, suitable for the device you’re using. The assistant understands natural language, it can reason in order to come up with the right answer, and it can hold a discussion with the user.

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Jog Lall
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Adam Palm
Country Manager UK, Product Information
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