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Andrew McCabe
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AQG’s – Animated product information for the digital generation.

Consuming and creating visual communication is a natural way for people to understand the world, and make themselves understood. By providing visual information about a product in the form of an AQG (Animated Quick Guide), we at Semcon help our customers to connect to their end users.

Animated product information is about informing people and maintaining their attention by means of sharp and short video productions, which do not require voice-over, but make use of subtitles to describe actions or features.

In a world, where people’s attention span is diminishing, it is important to:

  • Be there
  • Be useful
  • Be quick


Increased user satisfaction

With the use of AQG’s, Semcon can help to break down features and benefits of our customers’ products to make them easy to understand and use. It is a way for to  deliver information to end users and customers in an accessible and flexible way – making sure that the knowledge is presented in a format and device of their choice.

Example of Animated Quick Guide (AQG)

The basis of this production is to deliver structured and consistent information that can be adapted to suit a variety of subject matter and can be a supplement or overview to support the main deliverables. This approach not only results in cost savings through re-use, but also higher quality and increased user satisfaction.

It is very important from a customer confidence and branding perspective that when viewing information, the consumer can feel familiar with both the format and the content. This raises usability in-line with the perception of the brand. All of this, can be achieved in the animation delivery, whilst maintaining a high level of technical content.

Roger Carew, Team Manager Graphics, Semcon Product Information

Competencies required for an AQG production:

  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • 3D animation
  • Post-production (subtitles & editing etc.)
  • Project management


The project is normally, based around the features and content specified by the customer but can also come from the end user as analytics through for example, the company’s customer site. This input data, is interpreted and translated into a script and storyboard by the production team. A review of the storyboard by the customer is always necessary before going into fully rendered production of the animation.

Semcon work with AQG’s for several industries, such as Medical Equipment, Automotive, Domestic appliances and Telecom.

User cases for product information using AQG’s include:

  • Owners Information
  • Sales/Technical Training
  • How to operate
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Fairs & Exhibitions

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Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
+44 (0) 1926 642745
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