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Successful project management.

Why only 3 out of 10 projects succeed

Project work is one of the most common forms of work in contemporary society. An estimated 25 per cent of world GDP is created from projects, yet only 30 per cent of all projects succeed. All too many encounter problems, take the wrong course or fail, with huge losses of time, money and engagement as a result. At Semcon we work not only in project form, we are developing the methodology behind it and show our customers what to do to be among the successful 30 per cent. Successful project management doesn’t happen by chance, it is a deliberate strategy. You just have to know where to begin.

Semcon’s Project Excellence method goes into considerable depth and works for all industries.

Project work is more the rule than the exception in contemporary work and this is especially true when the goal is to develop, improve and change. We see this in technology-heavy product development and organisational turnarounds. When large resources are directed to projects the expectations on efficiency and measurable results are also large.

It is about getting the project to stand out and shine. This is what we call Project Excellence. An approach that is more than a few training courses and great individual project managers. An approach that takes a more comprehensive view of whole project organisation and doesn’t just apply a single technique. It is a way of thinking and working that must begin at management level.

Successful project management is about combining the business parts with the soft parts, and managing recognised techniques and tools that are necessary for success. Semcon’s model includes both human resources and training as its methodology and digital systems.

Anna Nordelöf, Business Manager Project Excellence

A holistic approach that gives results

Semcon’s Project Excellence method, XLPM was developed by us and successfully tested thoroughly in many organisations. It goes into considerable depth and works for all industries and in both the private and public sectors. The method is a fundamental shift and includes change management, project management, training and senior specialists to manage the work. This holistic approach is what gets us and our customers to go against the statistics and succeed, project after project.

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