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FOBO – The right person in the right place.

The world is shrinking in line with technological advances. Both physical and technical borders are becoming blurred. Markets are becoming global and the most knowledgeable specialists can be located anywhere in the world. Today’s skills provision is an international puzzle where the right person is added to the right project whatever the time zone. Developments take place around the clock and we are there as they happen.

So that all of our customers, regardless of geographic location, have access to our specialists, we have established an organisation with special skills centres. This is a cost-effective solution that brings together expertise and makes it available to support multiple customers and industries. We call this FOBO (Front Office/Back Office).

In FOBO, our Front Office is responsible for project management and close collaboration with the customer, while the Back Office is responsible for specialist skills and performing the assignment. This is an approach that combines accessibility and proximity with quality and efficiency.

Using the FOBO model, the assignment is carried out where Semcon has the best expertise and available resources.

Pernilla Daws, Project Leader at Semcon

FOBO is a well-established approach that we have implemented for many customers in most of our focus industries: Automotive, Telecommunication, Life Science, Energy and Industry.

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