Artificial intelligence that benefits the end users
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Artificial intelligence that benefits the end users.

Self-driving cars that are safe on the roads, voice-controlled technical solutions, smart manuals and autonomous snowploughs at our airports. By always putting the needs of end users first, Semcon is able to use its extensive experience in artificial intelligence (AI) to create technology that makes a difference in people’s lives.

At Semcon, we put people before technology. Technology has no intrinsic value – what it gives to people is what makes it valuable. This is applicable to AI solutions as well. We always have to start with human needs if we are to develop relevant products. And as Semcon was an early adopter of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), we now have broad expertise and experience in the field. We have developed a number of advanced solutions for image processing and classification of objects from both camera and LIDAR sensors as part of our automotive AI projects.

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Workshops to identify potential

A great deal of progress has been made as far as the digital revolution is concerned. If they are to keep up with development, companies of all kinds – no matter what size or what industry they operate in – have to listen to their end users and then adapt and develop their operations and production using the latest technology. Knowledge of AI is required if you are to create a smart product or an autonomous machine, or if your production is to become part of the Industry 4.0 vision. Semcon is currently working with companies that are used to working with AI solutions, as well as companies that have just begun their journey in this regard. AI is something that all companies have to take a stance on, and there is potential everywhere – in image/text/voice processing, process/production/logistics optimisation and predictive analysis and maintenance, for instance.

Semcon offers custom end-to-end solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. We guide our customers throughout the entire process, from requirement analysis, solution design and development of the actual algorithms, to integration and validation. We offer workshops where we work together to examine the potential that is available at your own company.

Carl-Johan Aldén, Global Business Manager AI Solutions

The next step in AI

For a long time, AI was a phenomenon that few people came into contact with or understood. Now you see it everywhere in society. It has become a prerequisite for the future and represents a shift that most people agree we are heading towards. Things that seemed like science fiction for a long time are already here, or just a few years away. For a car to be entirely autonomous, for example, a certain level of dynamic reasoning is required so that the car is sufficiently safe to operate on the roads and can interact with people around it.

Cutting-edge AI research

Semcon focuses on research into AI and is involved in a number of research projects. This keeps us in touch with the latest trends and findings in the field, which creates a sense of security among our customers.

The development and results that we have seen over the past few years are breath-taking and demonstrate that machine learning is a fantastic tool when it comes to solving problems. That said, a better understanding of the models is needed before they can be used in safety-critical applications.

Jens Henriksson, industrial doctoral student specialising in verification of deep learning

A number of our research projects deal with what needs to be done before we can use machine learning in safety-critical applications – in autonomous cars, for instance.

Learn more about current research projects we are participating in.

A few examples of what we are doing with AI:


AIBRA is an AI-driven tool developed by Semcon that identifies, measures and visualises reuse potential in large text volumes. This will allow organisations with large volumes of text, such as manuals and other technical information, to effectively improve the quality of their information by maintaining consistent terminology, for instance, and streamlining their information management activities by reducing the overall text volume. Read more about digitized product information.


The fact that machine learning (ML) and AI are constantly learning and are capable of drawing their own conclusions according to what they have learned is a good thing – but not always. When it comes to autonomous vehicles or other safety-critical systems, it is important for us humans to be able to make sure that machine learning is behaving correctly, even in new situations. SMILE II is a research project that is examining verification of ML and how what is known as a “safety cage” can help ML to draw safer conclusions. This project, which is being funded by VINNOVA, involves a number of parties and is being run by RISE Viktoria.


In parallel with SMILE II, Semcon is also running the PERCEPTRON research project together with AB Volvo and Chalmers University of Technology. The aim of this project is to use deep learning to show where trucks are allowed to travel, how the road progresses and where nearby vehicles and pedestrians are located. The results of SMILE II should be able to ensure that the vehicle has accurate information about its surroundings.

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