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Karina Shaw
Recruitment Specialist, UK
+46 (0)7572 166 344
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Making technology more human.

Are you passionate about technical writing and explaining complex technology? Do you want to be a key player in a team with the purpose of securing great user-friendly product development? As an expert within the area of product information at Semcon your job is to turn technology into a great experience.

Available jobs

At Semcon we believe that the greatness of technology can only be measured by the value it adds for its users. That´s why we develop products, systems and services based on human needs and behaviour. One vital part when developing products is product information.

Because what good is technology if no one will understand it? Understanding your product is important. So important in fact, that we have a whole business area solely dedicated to product information, making us the largest company in the area in Sweden. As a professional partner within product information, we help our customers to optimise their product’s aftermarket with effective solutions.

At Semcon you…

  • get to combine your passion for writing with an interest in the latest technology.
  • help end users experience their product to its full potential.
  • work in teams of experts in their respective fields.
  • work in teams with colleagues from our different offices around the world.
  • work in projects with exciting global customers in all sorts of industries, helping them in bringing new digital dimensions to their product information and aftermarket set up.
  • support and education to further develop your competence needed to support our customers in their exciting projects.


In our teams we need people who want to work with:

Information Architecture, XML, DITA, Topic Based Authoring, Simplified Technical English, Chatbot, E-learning, AR, AI, Technical Illustrations, Serviceability, Diagnostics, User Information, Animated Quick Guides, Service instructions, Product Specifications. And much more.


Selection of customer projects:

Semcon as a company

We believe that the one who understands the end-user best will create the best products for him or her. Our strong focus on research and UX allows us to combine tech, usability and design in a unique way – and enables solutions of great value for both our customers and the people who will use the products.

With more than 2000 specialised employees, Semcon has the ability to take care of the entire product development cycle, from strategy and technology development to design and product information. Semcon was founded in Sweden in 1980 and has offices in over 30 locations in seven different countries.

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Karina Shaw
Recruitment Specialist, UK
+46 (0)7572 166 344
Contact me

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