Our culture at Semcon
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Our culture at Semcon.

The greatness of technology is measured by the value it adds for its users. For us at Semcon, the most important factor is always our end users, the people actually using the technology. People first, then technology. But how does our company culture reflect this mindset?

Our culture is what makes us unique, and also what makes us successful. Because a strong, welcoming and inclusive company culture lays the foundation for inspired, engaged employees who are eager to find out more.

Being people who put people first

So, what’s the company culture at Semcon all about? Take a look at our video to get a clearer picture.

Inspired colleagues = success

Inspiration is at the very heart of everything we do. Because we know that colleagues who are inspired perform more effectively and enjoy their work more. As far as we’re concerned, it’s important for you to feel you can be yourself at work – that people will listen to your opinions and impressions. We embrace diversity, because we know we need to understand all kinds of people if we’re to develop products for all kinds of end users. Always starting with ourselves, always being people who put people first.

Find out more about our six values principles and our business logic.

Semcon Stories

So, what’s it like working at Semcon? Our colleagues highlight certain exciting aspects of their jobs in our series of articles, which we’ve called Semcon Stories.

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