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Dion Applebee
Manager UK, Engineering & Digital Services
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Expert skills for product development.

We are a partner for all phases of product development: from target group analysis and concept to production systems and user support. This provides a process that is fast and efficient, and an end result that meets the needs of the customer and end users.

Business Development

Concept Development

Technical Development

Product Information

How can you optimise your revenue? Create more value? We discuss these questions with our customers more and more often. Not least because the technology, users, the world around us and organisation all influence each other today. And things happen extremely fast. We can provide you with a solid analysis and solutions that work in real life, from branding strategies right through to business models for aftermarket or the sustainable recycling of the product.

Dion Applebee
Manager UK, Engineering & Digital Services
+44 (0)7502 358 008
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Customer Business Modelling

Competition is increasing sharply in many industries, technology leaps are becoming longer and user behaviour is more and more difficult to follow. Changes happen fast and revenue streams from yesterday will not apply tomorrow.

Now more than ever mature and innovative business models play a central role in successful business and also provide a major competitive advantage. Through the development of products and solutions for many of the most successful and high-tech companies, we access new trends daily that add value and knowledge in all of our processes. We use this knowledge to generate successful business models together with our customers.


We continuously participate in a large number of long research projects in collaboration with academia, institutes and our customers. This gives us the latest theoretical knowledge, but also valuable hands-on experience with emerging technologies and user needs.

Insights from our research projects then becomes an asset for our customers when discussing their future challenges. We share our knowledge in our customer projects, both by actively proposing new solutions and projects, or by continuously contributing to developments onsite at our customers’ companies.

The emphasis of the research projects is in line with our focus areas which include Design, Automotive and Smart. This may for example include new solutions for connected products, or the challenge of the security aspect of autonomous vehicles. We also benefit from the experience of research projects in our Innovation Lab where our customers have the opportunity to develop future products and solutions together with us.

Earlier projects

The project Plinta was researching how Smartphone-like applications can be linked to vehicles’ electrical architecture safely. Current in-vehicle infotainment systems offer fewer functions and less flexibility than smartphone and tablet devices. The project provided architecture for a flexible and open system that allows nomadic device and cloud based in-vehicle connectivity without compromising security or safety.


Our technological ecosystem is constantly changing and it changes fast, faster than ever before. Through a deep insight and understanding of how technology affects industries, business models and ultimately us users, we help our customers to create future value for sustainable and increased profitability. Here we benefit greatly from our in-depth knowledge from many different industries.

By taking advantage of the best examples and transferring knowledge from one industry to another, exciting exchanges and mental leaps occur that our customers benefit greatly from. Is not unusual that an established and proven business model for one industry is revolutionary for another.

We offer strategy services in several fields with a focus on product and portfolio strategies.


Businesses today are becoming more and more complex, while demands on security and availability are increasing. This places increasingly high demands on quality control and documentation, something which is a challenge for many organisations. With better quality control, you can use your resources more efficiently, minimise costs and maximise customer value.

We have extensive experience from many different industries and know which methods and tools are most effective to ensure the quality of deliveries in your specific company.

We can also offer, among other things:

  • Quality management
  • Quality assurance
  • Configuration management
  • Regulatory assurance
  • Document management 
  • Quality processes 
  • Validation and verification 
  • Inspection
  • CE-marking
  • Energy investigations

Successful concept development begins with collecting requirements. Especially from the people who are going to use the final product. We work in close proximity to our customers, often in workshops, to distinguish what is important and what creates the most value and innovation. By rapid prototyping, we can try different routes and even challenge traditional methods to make the final product even easier, smarter, safer – and more profitable.



A product’s design and structure doesn’t only say something about the product, it also contributes to the perception of the company’s brand and the company’s position. For our customers and us at Semcon design is a strategic management issue. Design is and should be treated as a business critical competitive advantage. If handled right from an early stage of something like a product development process, the result is a product that is 50% more profitable than products where taking design into account was not the focus.

Semcon offers a range of design services targeting most industries. The design process covers all aspects of the product, and takes into account market conditions, aesthetics, ergonomics, function, the environment, production requirements and product specifications.

Computer Generated Images
With the help of Computer Generated Images (CGI), we can quickly show our customers what their product could look like. CGI supports the entire design process by visualising the development of all of the phases right through to the marketing work. This gives you total visibility and control at every step.

We produce stills and 3D animations based on CAD data. The greatest benefit is that we can produce attractive, realistic images, long before the product actually exists. You can place the product in real-world environments and test colour combinations easily. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your own imagination.

Industrial design
We develop new products that build and strengthen our customer’s brand which we base on the brand’s promise, the users’ needs and rational manufacturing requirements. We can fulfil different roles depending on what your needs are, you might need design support during the development process from analysis to production. If you would rather that we run all or part of a development project with designers and engineers integrated into a team, we can assume that role too. During our work we visualise solutions and configurations with the help of sketches, CAD models, advanced Computer Generated Images (CGI) or physical models.

Model & prototype
Meeting with the first physical model or prototype of a new product is a significant and exciting step. Regardless of how much you have studied sketches or drawings you will be meeting the product – for real. Now you can experience the function and study and experience the design, materials and textures in reality.

CybAero approached Semcon to rethink their autonomous helicopter. The goal was to optimize it for specific tasks and the outcome is a family of three products aimed for rescue missions, surveillance and border control. Cybaero APID One is a series of professional UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) designed to autonomously fly long distances in tough conditions, performing important missions.

Semcon produces models and prototypes for all possible products and purposes, ranging from vehicles to the details of composite material. The materials we work with include everything from clay to steel and carbon fibre. We help you to choose the manufacturing method and materials depending on whether the model/prototype will be function tested, used in an exhibition or tested in a wind tunnel.

We can also offer, among other things:

  • Sound design 
  • Strategic brand design
  • Graphic design

User Experience (UX)

User design (UX) is an important puzzle piece in the product development process. Products are becoming increasingly complex and often have both a physical form and built-in software. They can also be interconnected and it is often possible to control them through cloud solutions and apps. This means that companies must consider the target audience and what they can and want to use as well what they think about a particular feature or product at an early stage.

We usually say that “we have the methods and know how to find out things you don’t know about your users”. The company that has the best understanding of their end customers and users is the company that will be the most successful.

We work in the automotive and healthcare industries, with industrial and household appliances as well as with the early phases of the development of web applications and software. Our goal is to always enable pleasant, efficient and safe experiences.

We can also offer, among other things:

  • Human Factors
  • Interaction design
  • Service design
  • User centered development process
  • Augmented reality

This is where we have to turn the concept into a finished product. To meet the requirements and keep focused, we use our own project methodology, XLPM, with clear gates. Many disciplines work efficiently together to achieve our common goal, we continuously employ virtual verification methods within various fields such as sound, vibration, structural strength and safety. More than 100 competencies within Semcon collaborate to make the product optimal: in terms of production, the aftermarket and most importantly the user.

Production Development


We offer solutions in industrial automation and test cell technology that are well adapted to the set requirements and requests. The result is shorter lead times and a more cost-effective process. The foundation is a close cooperation with our other areas of expertise in product- and production development.

We conduct pilot studies, concepts, system design, documentation and CE-declaration.

We offer expertise and turnkey deliveries in:

  • Fully automatic production lines
  • Robotic cells
  • Special purpose machinery
  • Advanced test rigs
  • Production equipment and tooling
Turnkey delivery of fully automatic manufacturing line

Manufacturing Engineering

The key to maintaining good profitability is to constantly challenge and improve the production process as well as develop smart production methods. An important ingredient for the success of the entire development process is to use the methods and tools that support the change process. As a result, we have managed to reduce lead times by 20%, machine conversion times by 50% and introduce lean production at several of our customers’ businesses.

Two of our automation engineers planning a FAT of a robotic cell

We offer a range of services, from preparatory studies, situation analysis and conceptual layouts to production ready solutions such as new production approaches, workplaces or logistics solutions.

We can also offer, among other things:

  • Production Project Management
  • LEAN Production
  • Production Simulations
  • Process analysis
  • 3D-scanning and modelling of factories

Calculations & Simulations

Today’s rapid development cycles place higher demands on companies to develop more and more models to production standard in increasingly shorter time frames. Semcon’s development and simulation services do not only make the development of components and whole products faster, we also make the development process significantly cheaper, increase product quality and minimise development risks.

With the help of the calculation and simulation methods and CAD software we use, the results can easily be transferred directly to the product that is being developed. We have extensive experience in testing, coordination with suppliers, production and analysis of the entire product. This means that we can develop complex simulation forecasts in a realistic and reliable manner.

Because the entire development process rests in the same hands, reliable results can be produced in a time-saving and efficient manner, while reducing product risks. We follow our customers from the start to the time where the finished product is on the market.

We can also offer, among other things:

  • Test and measurement
  • CAE
  • Crash simulation
  • MBS
  • CFD


Intelligent systems will soon be present in every new product in the home, the car, the office and industry. The ability to control a product using a smartphone or connect them with other products is something we increasingly take for granted. For this to be possible, the product needs to have an embedded system.

The Internet of Things (IoT), is a mega trend that spans far beyond the technical detail level. The possibilities are growing exponentially as there are billions of connected things and the economic impact is counted in trillions of US dollars. The business opportunities are great, but the big difference is in the contact with users. Anyone who understands the interface between man and machine will find the business area of the future.

By bringing in specialist expertise in strategic areas such as software, hardware, architecture, testing and verification, dynamic control systems and cabling, we help our customers to develop competitive products with the end user in mind.

We also offers, among other things:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Architecture
  • Testing and verification
  • Regulation systems
  • Cabling

Sound and vibration solutions

Semcon delivers sound and vibration solutions for a wide variety of clients in various industries. We provide suggestions for realistic design changes based on our cross-industry experience and our knowledge of the associated restrictions, such as legislation, cost and production feasibility.

We take responsibility for the entire sound and vibration aspect in major development projects and follow our proven methodology to improve the product’s performance. The product’s entire life cycle covers a range of data concerning sound and vibration.

We solve problems with products ranging from mobile phones to large aircraft. This great range of products means that we can transfer the solutions and methods of activity which are normally strictly separated.

Today, flight comfort is a key issue in civilian aircrafts. The noise level in the cabin can be high and the comfort could be improved considerably in case of significant noise reduction. Semcon designed an active noise control system for Saab 2000 to enhance passenger flight experience. The system has been built in 63 Saab 2000 since the first airplane rolled out on the tarmac in 1992.


Product design engineering

In product development, there are increasing demands on shape, design, safety, quality, user interfaces and sustainable development. This is why more intelligent mechanical designs are necessary. When constructed properly, the mechanical parts take up minimal space, something that is extremely important in products such as mobile phones. In addition, a carefully-planned design is simpler to produce, which also lowers production costs.

We have mastered most variants of CAD, PDM and CAE systems which are available on the market. We can therefore quickly familiarise ourselves with your business without long training periods. We can handle everything from simple tasks on your premises, to complex development projects that we run and are responsible for in our own offices.

Mechanical components are found in most products, which means we work with a broad spectrum of solutions, industries and companies.

Machine and equipment construction

Semcon has extensive experience in the production development of everything from fully automated production lines, production technology, process development, facility technology, and automation.

In machine and equipment construction, we collaborate with other areas of expertise in production development and product development. In our machine projects we take everything into account from flow analysis and strength calculations to documentation.

We carry out pilot studies, concept, design and manufacturing.

We can also offer, among other things:

  • Design Engineering
  • Hydraulics

Semcon’s product information offer covers the entire information development cycle – from strategy, information design, development and production to distribution. Our international presence means that we help our clients globally by utilising networks of specialist resources from different regions of the world.

Below you find a selection of our deliverables.

Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
+44 (0) 1926 642745
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Augmented Reality

In a nutshell, the technology phenomenon Augmented Reality (AR) involves digitally created information and the real-world environment shown in one view. For example, the technology allows an installation technician’s AR glasses or mobile phone to recognise the part of the machine as the technician looks at it, and automatically display the information that the technician needs to do their work, with the actual machine part clearly visible in the background. Technical information through AR technology makes it easier for the user to be effective and perform the task correctly. The number of application areas is growing rapidly, and we at Semcon are on the cutting edge of development.

Digital Distribution

In order for product information to be functional it needs to be both relevant and accessible. Digital distribution makes a combination of these properties possible. With Semcon’s cloud-based service Lodges, you get a global digital distribution platform with an easy to navigate user interface in multiple channels. Lower distribution costs is one important advantage. The user-specific adaptation of information and two-way communication with users are other, equally important advantages.


Training courses and change processes face challenges such as different learning strategies and geographic distribution. Web-based courses combine writing, speaking, video, and interactivity to ensure all participants are active and committed. E-learning is also available whenever and wherever the participants wish to study. Semcon’s offer includes both the course content and how it is delivered, that is both the soft parts and the hard parts necessary to create a good foundation for learning in today’s digital environment.

Front Office/Back Office

FOBO stands for Front Office/Back Office and is a recognised method for organising expertise and support for global markets. Semcon has gathered its experts in skills centres, available to customers worldwide.

Front Office is responsible for customer contact and project management. Back Office carries out the assignment and gives support. The approach combines accessibility and proximity with quality and efficiency – across all borders, in all industries.

Information Management

In many sectors – such as industry, energy, offshore and life science – information management plays a vital role. Information must be well structured, easily accessible and traceable. At Semcon, we have developed our own procedures and processes to assure document management quality. We provide support with strategy development, learning solutions and document management services. We create solutions for information management that meet the authorities’ quality and efficiency requirements. At Semcon, we call this type of management Information Management.

Diagnostic Methods and Information

Conditions for maintenance, repair and service are becoming more technically sophisticated at the same time as they are important activities for maintaining product experience and durability. Semcon offers proprietary methods and information for guided troubleshooting and diagnostic information for error codes or interactive electrical service diagrams. These are PC based, mobile or for the Internet. An overview, control and guidance in the same solution.

Owner, User and Operations Information

Today’s digital environments and the diversity of user behaviour places high demands on how we structure and design information and instructions. Semcon has developed and produced information for companies in a variety of industries for many years.

We have experience of complex products, a wide range of models and variants. With strategic planning, topic-based architecture and distribution through mobile or web, or integrated into the product, we simplify what is complicated to meet the user’s needs.

Service Engineering

Accurate and simple information about a product’s repair needs or services is a prerequisite for generous guarantees. In service engineering, Semcon describes how best to carry out repairs and provide service. We have a proprietary method for this and perform tests and simulations in a CAD environment. Our information solutions last over the product’s entire lifespan and make repairs and services cheaper and more efficient.


Repair and maintenance is a very important competitive factor, especially for the automotive sector. Serviceability is not just the name of our service, but also a concept that the automotive industry uses to develop its product for car owners. Successful serviceability work helps lower guarantee costs and enhances efficiency for our customers, but also helps to provide an improved experience for the car owner, for example through lower servicing costs.

Software Documentation

Documentation is an important element in software development. To maintain the highest level of quality for both documentation and software, smart developers optimise resource allocation. Their own specialists manage the development and allow Semcon’s information experts to take care of the documentation from strategy to infrastructure. Lower costs, relevant information and an improved user experience are just some of the results.

Topic Based Information

Successful software development is closely connected to the correct documentation. At Semcon, we are experts in everything from structure to finished systems and user information. When we take care of the documentation, the developers get more time to develop. Reduced costs and an improved user experience are also reasons why our customers appreciate working with us.

Translation Management

With technical information in multiple languages the product reaches more markets, so the translation has to be correct. Otherwise the entire user experience is jeopardised. Semcon is specialised in managing large translation projects.

We have a network of quality controlled translation providers and IT tools and systems that streamline the process. This gives us control over terminology, ensuring that all users get the same information, and reduces costs.

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