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Dion Applebee
Manager UK, Engineering & Digital Services
+44 (0)7502 358 008
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Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
+44 (0) 1926 642745
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Our History.

Close to customers right from the start

Semcon has a long tradition of being close to every customer’s business and needs. This is how we have grown to being an international group with cross-border collaborations in 2016.

  • 1980 – Semcon was founded in Västerås, Sweden. The name is an abbreviation of Scandinavian Engineering and Marketing Consultants
  • 1983-1996 – Expansion with new locations and added skills in Sweden
  • 1985 – Head office moved to Göteborg, Sweden
  • 1994 – International expansion starts. First location in the UK
  • 1997 – Semcon listed on the Swedish stock exchange on 26 May
  • 2000-2005 – International expansion continues. New operations in Hungary, China and Malaysia
  • 2006 – Company gets new main owner, JCE Group
  • 2007 – Sale of Zpider business area (Semcon’s IT business)
  • 2007 – Acquisition of IVM Automotive with activities in Germany, India and Brazil, a product development company with wide experience in the automotive industry
  • 2007 – Aquisition of CARAN® in Sweden, a product development company with wide experience in the automotive industry
  • 2010 – Celebration of 30 year anniversary as one of the leading companies in the technical consultancy industry
  • 2011 – Several important business agreements, including Chinese Qoros Auto and several German vehicle manufacturers
  • 2012 – Acquisition of German product information company, Comet
  • 2013 – Major organisational change to market oriented structure
  • 2014 – Aquisition of Norwegian product information company, ibruk AS
  • 2015 – Increased ownership of Norwegian engineering services company, Kongsberg Devotek AS
  • 2016 – Clarifying our positioning: Product development based on human behaviour
  • 2017 – Engineering Services Germany divested. Engineering Services Nordic and Engineering Services International merged into one business area, Engineering Services.
  • 2018 – Acquisition of the German product inofrmation company Haas-Publikation.


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