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Dion Applebee
Manager UK, Engineering & Digital Services
+44 (0)7502 358 008
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Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
+44 (0) 1926 642745
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Semcon is an international technology company with more than 2,000 employees in seven different countries. We help our customers in transforming technology into excellent user experiences by uniting premium physical and digital solutions.

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We put people first. As far as we are concerned, technology has no purpose of its own – it’s the value it adds to people and our planet that is most important. By combining the physical and digital we can create user-friendly solutions based on human needs and behaviour.


Semcon has more than 30 offices located in Sweden, UK, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Brazil and China. We are organised in two business areas: Engineering & Digital Services and Product Information.

Better together

We are convinced that in the future, as right now, we are going to live in a society filled with both physical and digital worlds – worlds that are becoming more and more intertwined. Even if our society is becoming increasingly digital, the physical will of course always remain.

Even if the bicycle, tractor or medical device will not look or be used exactly as it is today, we will always have a need for physical technical solutions. The key is to use our digital expertise to create new services and solutions that truly meet people's needs.

Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon

Those who best navigate and unite the different worlds will also be able to generate extra value and benefit to the people using the technology in the end. This is how we at Semcon help to increase our customers’ competitiveness. Whether it is about connecting existing products or thinking completely new and identifying new revenue streams through, for example, servitization.

Unique mix of skills

Developing products, services and information for today’s users is a challenge. At Semcon, we have a unique mix of experience and expertise in both physical solutions and digital services. Of classical engineering and digital edge. Many can develop them separately, but few can make them better together. Always based on human needs and behaviour.

Sustainable Innovation

We add new perspectives to our customer’s business, whether they aim to recharge a current product or service, reinvent new technology or reimagine future needs. By uniting both digital and physical solutions, we create sustainable innovations that creates value for both our customers and the planet. Read more about our sustainability work .

Our culture

Working at Semcon involves sharing a passion for creating experiences of technology that make a difference. Inspiration is at the very heart in everything we do. Finding new solutions together as a team. That is how we grow – and how we make the people around us grow. With everyone bringing different perspectives and backgrounds to the table we can develop solutions for everyone. Because diversity makes way for better solutions. Read more about how diversity is a natural part of our company culture.

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