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Heidi Östlund
Sustainability Manager, Semcon
+46 (0)70 413 09 41
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Magnus Boman
Managing Director, Goodpoint
+46 70 821 31 29
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A partner to your sustainability journey.

We help your organisation become more sustainable.

With experts within both sustainability and green and innovative technologies, we can support the entire life cycle of sustainable product and production development. By acquiring Goodpoint, a leading consulting company in sustainability, we added 40 years of experience in the whole field from climate and environment to social sustainability.

Have a look at our wide range of services below.

Business strategy

Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Let’s take a look at your organisation and value chain and set a plan in motion.

Together we can make sure you stay competetive and take advantage of all the new opportunities a sustainable business strategy will unlock for your business.

We can support with, for example:

  • Sustainable Business Strategy
  • Strategic design & innovation (e g circular business models)

Products & services

At Semcon, we know physical and digital products. Through an increased focus on eco-design and cutting-edge digital solutions we can support your transition into a low emission and circular economy and meet current and up-coming legal requirements.

We can support with, for example:

  • Eco-design of products and services
  • Connected products (as an enabler for circular loops)
  • Servitization (product as a service)
  • Lifecycle assessment (LCA)
  • Product related legal requirements (e g REACH and ESPR)

Production development

Open the door to a safer and more efficient production environment, designed for low emissions and resource consumption.

We can support with, for example:

  • Smart factory (e g IoT, robotics, AI, VR/AR, digital twins, 3D printing)
  • LEAN
  • Energy efficient production
  • Green energy production (e g hydrogen gas)
  • Circular manufacturing

Product information

Digital product information is increasing in relevance. It supports companies to meet regulatory requirements as well as sustainability related transparency requirements.

We can support with digitally consumable product information, for example:

  • Digital product passports
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Service and repair, upgrade, disassembly and recycling information via portals or apps

Responsible Operations & Value Chains

A sustainability program must not only follow applicable laws and standards but also embedded into your day-to-day operations and value chains.

We can support with, for example:

  • Climate calculations and science based targets
  • Energy audits and energy efficiency programs
  • Management systems
  • Human rights & Business ethics programs
  • Sustainability manager as a service

Non-financial reporting & communications

We can support with communication materials and sustainability reports that are aligned with regulatory requirements and standards and facilitate sustainability reporting through automated and data driven solutions.

We can support with, for example:

  • Sustainability reports aligned with GRI, TCFD, TNFD, SASB, UNGPRF etc.
  • CSRD gap analysis and roadmap
  • EU Taxonomy reporting
  • CDP reporting
  • Sustainability communication in print, digital and social media

Digital learning

Not only do digital learning solutions reduce emissions linked to business travel. Digital learning can increase the awareness and competence on various sustainability topics and hence support to integrate sustainability into the core of your business.

We can support with digital learnings covering for example:

  • Sustainable product, service and production development
  • Green technologies
  • Climate and environment
  • Human rights and business ethics

Semcon + Goodpoint

In 2022, one of Sweden’s leading consulting companies in sustainability, Goodpoint, joined the Semcon family. This means that we are now able to make an even bigger difference for our planet.

Read all about Goodpoint’s sustainability expertise (web page in Swedish)

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