Strategic Design and Innovation
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  • Strategic Design and Innovation

Anette Norén
Business Manager Design, Engineering & Digital Services
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Strategic design and innovation.

At Semcon we take pride in understanding the bigger picture. We help our customers find the insights and direction they need to navigate the digital age. By first taking a step back together, we can then discover what kind of solutions will provide the most profitable, sustainable and user-friendly way forward.


In order to help our customers create the future we need to understand what the future holds and what will impact people’s lives and the businesses around them. That is why we at Semcon always put people before technology.

With human needs and behaviour as a starting point, we can help your company prepare and adapt for the digital age. We have the broad expertise to first define your needs and direction forward and then help deliver the solutions that create most value for the end users, whatever they might be. And at the same time safeguarding both your profit and the world’s resources.

We don’t just help our customers adapt to a changing world, we use that energy as a catalyst to create new opportunities and drive change. For better solutions and a better planet.

Anette Norén, Business Manager Design, Engineering & Digital Services at Semcon

Design Management

It is a common misconception that design is only about the surface. Companies that give the design work strategic importance are in fact 50 per cent more profitable than their competitors. Because design is about understanding the users and their environment in order to develop products and services that solve real problems and add value.

Semcon studios

SEMCON STUDIOS is the external Design & Development department for our clients, with access to all of our combined competences.

Digital Experience

All companies and organisations today need to develop sustainable strategies for their digital transformation. We help our our customers from initial concept to a complete service or product. Are you on top of your digital journey?


Rapid technological advances, increased competition, societal shifts, and changing consumer behaviour. All these factors mean that manufacturing industries need to increase the service component of their business models and core operations. That is where future growth potential is to be found – by adding more services.

Electrification Strategy

By replacing fossil fuels with electric power, both environmental, cost and efficiency goals are reached. You also enable more user-friendly products compatible with future technologies. Take part of our approach on how to make your machinery electric.

Why Semcon

  • By using Design thinking as a way of working we ensure an efficient process for the customer as well as safeguarding the end user’s needs and planet’s resources.

  • At Semcon we know innovation. And we practise it extensively in for example innovation workshops.

  • A great idea needs to be tested. Preferably in real life. Or virtually. We quickly build prototypes to test our solutions in an early stage.

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