The engineering behind Re-Search
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Meet the team behind the solution.

Even though there are a lot of female engineers out there, very few are visible in the search results. This inspired Semcon to develop Re-Search – a web extension aimed at offering alternative role models online. Listen to the team describe their work below.

If the user performs an image search we take that search term and we compare it to our list. If that term is found in the list, another browser window pops up next to the one you searched in which shows our alternative search result.

Sara Amani, Software Engineer, Semcon

The team wanted to create a solution that was transparent and easy to understand – both for the user and the open source community. This resulted in an extension that is entirely run on the user’s computer without any APIs or collected statistics. The only thing the server on Github does is to provide the list of the different professions. Semcon encourages everyone to develop the solution further.

Why did you choose to make Re-Search open source?

How did you create a balanced search result?

Which were the main UX challenges with Re-Search?

Re-Search was developed by an in-house team at Semcon consisting of server and frontend developers, designers and UX-experts.

The engineering team behind Re-Search: Basim Ali, Sara Amani, Oskar Risberg, Anna Funke, Gabriele Kasparaviciute, Torin Williams.

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