Tools and technical learning solutions
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Erik Baljeu Djurback
General Manager Semcon Learning
+46 (0)736 827 653
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Tools and technical learning solutions.

We provide solutions adapted to your needs and requirements. Regardless if you want an off the shelf training or a fully customised and automated learning platform, we ensure learning efficiency.


Scalable learning solutions

Large organisations with extensive e-learning portfolios benefit from scalability, content reuse and automated updates and effective course maintenance.

Hence, a well-functioning training solution needs to be supported by robust IT systems and tools that ensure access, system overview and tracking of progress and goal fulfilment.

It should be easy for the educators to roll out updates and further material, for the administrators to keep track of the progress, and for the attendees to access material and recap at any time.

Learning solutions adapted to your organisational needs

We offer solutions within the full learning ecosystem, from the full learning platform to the smallest piece of content. If you’d rather build your own trainings, we have the tools you need and can provide strategic advice and of course we develop one-off small scale solutions. If that is relevant for your organisation. Scalability goes both ways.

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Johann Konséleus
Business Development Manager Semcon Training Göteborg
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Erik Baljeu Djurback
General Manager Semcon Learning
+46 (0)736 827 653
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