Strategic advice and roadmaps for learning
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Erik Baljeu Djurback
General Manager Semcon Learning
+46 (0)736 827 653
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Strategic advice and roadmaps for learning.

For people and organizations to succeed in learning, effective educational solutions are needed. Relevance, audience adaptation and timing are key factors when it comes to acquiring competence and skills in the long term. At Semcon, we have the experience needed to help you with counseling as well as learning strategies. Since we work with an entire ecosystem for learning, we can tailor make a solution adapted to your organization’s specific needs and requirements.


Map the current situation

Our advice usually begins with an analysis of what it looks like with you right now. What are your target groups’ needs? What does the learning culture look like with you? Do you have a working education strategy? How do your existing platforms and systems work?We formulate a question that is relevant to you. Then search for the right answers with the help of, among other things, workshops, interviews, and questionnaires. We compile the results in the format that you think is appropriate. The current situational picture gives you a good and anchored basis for being able to take the next step – either on your own or together with us.

Formulate an educational strategy

With a defined current situation as our starting point, we identify the goals for your educational activities together. Goals in mind, we then begin the work of formulating a working education strategy. What kind of learning is needed for you to achieve your goals? And how should these educational results be followed up?

In this area, there are many trends and buzzwords: social learning, learning in the flow of work, gamification, just-in-time learning, micro-learning and so on. But even more traditional learning methods can have great value. We look at learning with a broad perspective and always based on the question: What is best for your business and your goals?

Educational design

With a well-defined goal for your education and a clear strategy for how it is to be achieved, the implementation needs to be defined and structured. Processes and guidelines may need to be developed for what courses should look like (graphic guidelines and templates). How texts should be written, what learning – evaluation methods should be used and how authoring tools and learning platforms may need to be set up and prepared, etc. These activities are usually done so that an entire educational unit has the conditions to work rigorously and efficiently, but also individual courses or programs need good learning design.

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Erik Baljeu Djurback
General Manager Semcon Learning
+46 (0)736 827 653
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Johann Konséleus
Business Development Manager Semcon Learning Göteborg
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