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Erik Baljeu Djurback
General Manager Semcon Learning
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Learning Management System (LMS)

Fantastic content and engaging courses are not enough to bring about effective learning in your organization. You also need learning platforms that support learning.

At Semcon, we can help you all the way. It can be anything from an independent learning platform in the form of an LMS (Learning Management System) or LXP (Learning Experience Platform) – to a seamlessly integrated entirety, in the form of a complete ecosystem for learning.

Based on our experience supporting hundreds of organizations with effective learning, we have both a broad and deep knowledge regarding various learning platforms. This especially applies to Totara’s platforms for learning and competence. As a long-standing platinum partner for Totara, we are leaders in the Nordic’s.


Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP)

Totara’s Talent Experience Platform consists of three products, each of which can be used independently, or (advantageously) used as a ready-made suite for competence and learning.Totara’s entire suite is characterized by flexibility and adaptability, which means that we at Semcon can help you get a platform support that is designed for your organization’s needs, both today and in the future.

Totara Learn (LMS)

Totara Learn is a feature-rich, flexible, and well-established LMS (Learning Management System), both in the Nordic’s and globally. Around the world, it is used by more than 16 million users in 1800 organizations in a variety of industries.

Totara Learn supports that your organization can effectively create, distribute, manage, and monitor a variety of different forms of learning. These can be, for example, onboarding, compliance, teacher-led (virtual or physical) courses or various forms of blended learning. An increasingly frequent application of Totara is that it is no longer only used within the organization, but that it also wants to make certain parts available to external target groups, in the form of, for example, customers or partners.

In Semcon’s delivery of Totara Learn, there is increased support for many different digital learning activities, this thanks to a complete integration with the content tool “H5P”. H5P is often particularly suitable for micro-learning, and for making content and education creation available to a larger audience, especially in the form of interactive video and interactive presentations.

Totara Engage (LXP)

While Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a long-established concept, Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) is a significantly newer term. It is also a term that can mean different things to different suppliers. However, most often LXP refers to a learning platform that is more focused on the participant’s learning experience (and less on the administration of learning).

Totara Engage is an LXP that has a pure focus on the learning experience – and where informal and social learning has a key role. As a user of Totara Engage, you can easily access various learning resources, playlists, and share points. You can just as easily create a learning resource yourself and share it with other employees in your organization. An intelligent recommendation engine supports that a participant receives tips on relevant learning, based on their and other users’ behavior.

Does your organization use Microsoft Teams? Totara Engage comes with a complete integration, where all forms of learning (both from Engage and Learn) can be accessed directly from Teams. In this way, seamless learning in the environment your employees are in is made possible, “learning in the flow of work” simply put.

Totara Perform

Of course, learning and competence management (or performance management) have many overlaps. With Totara Perform, your organization can support everything from more traditional (digital) skills management, around goals, competencies, and employee conversations. At the same time, more agile and continuous performance management is supported, with more regular and shorter reconciliations in the form of digital check-ins.

Of course, learning and competence management are linked (all Totara products share the same basic platform), so that employees and managers, for example, can receive suggestions for relevant training to fill competence gaps.

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Other learning platforms

In addition to Totara TXP, we at Semcon can also help you with other platforms related to learning.

Authoring tools

Semcon’s authoring tools enable your organization to effectively create interactive learning themselves – or with support from Semcon. We have several different solutions and are happy to advise you on what best fits into your organization’s ecosystem for learning.

Learning Record Stores (LRS)

More and more organizations have come to realize the value of being able to take advantage of the data that digital learning can create. It is often a matter of using the standard “xAPI” and using an LRS to collect and analyze learning data. This often becomes particularly relevant when it comes to combining learning data with business data, when there are several platforms and sources for learning in the organization, and / or when the organization wants to take steps to work even more data-driven around learning.

In addition to the technology itself, we can of course contribute with advice as well as with developing the content itself in the form of various forms of digital educations. Anything to help your organization succeed in your learning.

Semcon is Totara Platinum Alliance Partner, read more about Totara here.

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Erik Baljeu Djurback
General Manager Semcon Learning
+46 (0)736 827 653
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Business Development Manager Semcon Learning Göteborg
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