From the classroom to digital learning for the Swedish Union of Tenants
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From the classroom to digital learning.

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the Swedish Union of Tenants (Hyresgästföreningen) decided to digitalise its classroom course for new negotiators. Said and done. The Swedish Union of Tenants has teamed up with Xtractor, part of the Semcon Group, to convert its introductory course in negotiation from classroom teaching over four days to a mixture of digital learning methods.

With the new format, we can offer our new employees the right training at the right time. Instead of one tuition session per year, the course is now more flexible, accessible and varied, and it allows for more time for reflection.

Monika Jägbrink, HR Specialist at the Swedish Union of Tenants

The new course for negotiators starts with a day that consists of video lectures and e-learning with interactivity, as well as various assignments, in which the user participates digitally and at his/her own pace.

Our assignment has been to help the Swedish Union of Tenants to digitalise the classroom course into interactive video lectures. This is a prime example of how we support our customers, by transforming the physical classroom into a digital one.

Anders Jonasson, Manager at Xtractor/Semcon

The digitalisation of the course has allowed it to be reduced from four days in the classroom to two days in a digital setting. The digital elements are also supplemented by a live day, which is being run remotely during the coronavirus epidemic. The day focuses on discussions, group exercises and a follow-up of the digital courses. This gives the participants the opportunity to ask questions and create networks with colleagues who have the same role from all across the country.

Example from the digital training by Swedish Union of Tenants

Benefits of digital learning

Many companies around the world are now recognising the importance of being able to offer their employees effective, flexible and tailored digital courses. Benefits of digital learning include:

  • The learning is offered at the right time. For the new employee, there is no need to wait for a classroom course, but a digital course is available when convenient and at the pace that suits the user.
  • The course can be created quickly, as the need arises.
  • It is easier to adapt the course according to the prior knowledge and learning needs of the different target groups.
  • Cost-effective due to reduced costs for travel and accommodation.
  • Reduced emissions due to reduced travel.
  • Physical classroom teaching often becomes very intensive when many elements need to be covered in a short time. Digital learning creates more time for reflection.
  • Simple to repeat particular steps when required.
  • Using video lectures, the course does not become as person-dependent when it comes to specific lecturers.
  • Quality is assured in that everyone in the organisation is given the same information.


Our deliverables in the project:

  • Video lectures and video sequences of digital presentations
  • Content packaged with high web accessibility and interactivity for effective learning.

Would you like to know more about how we can help your business to digitalise courses?

Anders Jonasson
Manager Learning Stockholm
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