E-learning – digital learning
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Erik Baljeu Djurback
General Manager Semcon Learning
+46 (0)736 827 653
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E-learning – digital learning.

At Semcon, we have an abundance of experience, helping our customers with solutions in digital learning. Both in our own name and from Xtractor (which we merged with in 2020).

Bespoke e-learning

We have produced hundreds of digital courses, in all types of subjects for customers in all kinds of industries. It can be about onboarding, product knowledge, code of conduct – or something completely different. The subject often relates to some form of change at work. It’s usually best when measurable goals can be set for what the learning effort should result in – even here, we are happy to help (both before, during and after the training).

Each audience, topic and situation is unique and requires its unique solution. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their business goals with the help of effective training initiatives.

Erik Baljeu, responsible for Semcon Learning

At Semcon, we have gathered all the skills needed to produce effective and engaging learning. This applies to everything from learning advisors, copywriters, art directors, developers, animators, video and audio producers to experts in UX and web accessibility. With the help of our experienced project managers and well-defined processes, we ensure that unpleasant surprises can be avoided.

The technical limits of what is possible with digital learning have been pushed forward considerably in recent years. Thankfully, this also applies to the budgetary limits, things that were just unthinkable can now be realized – and give results that far exceed the effort put in. This can of course apply to technologies such as AR and VR – but also to using elements of system support to add elements in the form of social and informal learning, gameplay, curated content, and to link learning in your target group’s everyday life in different ways.Whether you are looking for more “traditional e-learning” or are considering taking the next step in developing your organization’s digital learning, we would like to start a dialogue with you.

Want to take the next step in digital learning?

“Ready to use” adaptable courses

In general, we believe that bespoke learning gives the best results. No wonder… because we can then tailor it all based upon your organization’s purpose, conditions, and target groups. However, over the years we have also identified certain subject areas where we’ve seen more similarities than differences. This especially applies to broader topics, which often are related to compliance.

Therefore, we have developed a library with “ready to use” digital courses in subjects such as digitization, sustainability, information security, GDPR, as well as diversity and inclusion. You can also easily edit these completed courses yourself – to still put your organization’s stamp on the respective e-learning. And of course, it’s also possible to add (or delete) content to better suit your organization’s purposes. Of course, these “ready to use” courses can help you save both time and money compared to developing an e-learning from scratch.

For more information, reach out to us or discover our courses here (page in Swedish).

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Johann Konséleus
Business Development Manager Semcon Learning Göteborg
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Erik Baljeu Djurback
General Manager Semcon Learning
+46 (0)736 827 653
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