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Johan Kristensson
Embedded Network, Engineering & Digital Services
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The Internet of Things in new smart ways.

Make products come to life

Over just a few years, entirely new products and services have been created, simply by connecting computers and mobiles in a borderless network. What will happen if we take things a step further? If we want to connect everything we have around us? Lamps, cars and fridges? Manufacturing robots, medical instruments and ourselves?

These developments are already underway under the abbreviation IoT, the Internet of Things. At Semcon, we are exploring the possibilities of IoT technology based on the users’ needs in an area referred to as Smart. This is one area of expertise where we offer our extensive experience and can show several groundbreaking case studies.


Semcon - The Internet of Things (IoT) in new smart ways
The technology is there and there are plenty of cost effective components. The challenge is to connect IoT with the relevant data analysis and map knowledge of the user, thereby creating new business opportunities.

Johan Kristensson Embedded Network, Engineering & Digital Services

The IoT is a mega trend that spans far beyond the technical detail level. The possibilities are growing exponentially as there are billions of connected things and the economic impact is counted in trillions of US dollars. The business opportunities are undeniably great, but the big difference is in the contact with the users. Connected products are perceived as smart. They can be controlled and communicated with remotely. The functionality is educational, intuitive and in tune with the user. Anyone who understands the interface between man and machine will find the business area of the future.

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A smart offer in four parts

Connected technology for smart products and services is interdisciplinary and draws on expertise from different areas of competence: IT, UX, product development and industrial technology. Semcon has the unity and insight to turn technical potential into commercial concepts. We have a wide range of specialists , from IT to industry, from market insight to user understanding, which is necessary for a successful and profitable solution for our customers.

Our smart offer is based on a dynamic and iterative process from business insight to life cycle analysis. It is both innovative and sustainable, with the user, technology and business in mind. Our agile process includes strategy, business modelling, prototyping, and life cycle management.

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Johan Kristensson
Embedded Network, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)761 19 63 01
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