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Shifting to digital – a half day of coaching for leadership teams.

Recent events has shown that companies and organisations with established digital capability and corresponding business models have been more resilient than their competitors in the time of crisis and change. This goes for all industries and markets.

The shift to digital has been on the table for quite some time but is now being emphasised. Accelerated by changing customer behaviours and supply chain challenges that will be the new normal going forward.

Digital shift is characterised by strategy and execution with the following underpinnings:

  • Digital first – or enhanced business models
  • A digital culture based on rapid learning and experimentation
  • Being data driven in all decisions
  • Utilisation of digital and emerging technology
The need for a rapid digital shift has never been more important, to recharge current operations and products but also rethink and reimagine where to play.

Ulf Sandfrost, Strategy and design director, Digtial Services at Semcon

What does this mean for your company?

And what kind of capabilities do you need?  To help you start this transition we have set up half a day of tailored coaching for leadership teams and boards.

Together we will look into with following topics:

  • Insight into relevant market and customer trends relevant to your company
  • What kind of opportunities can you find, today and tomorrow?
  • Digital culture, what do we mean by it, and how do you get there?
  • What kinds of digital business models exist, and how do they relate to your company?
  • Technology, what kind of business impact can you expect from emerging technology today and going forward?

Do you want to know more? Please get in touch and we’ll set up the first meeting

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