Communication management and skills
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Therése Hallberg
Manager Project Training Office, Engineering & Digital Services
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Communication management and skills.

Good and effective communication is a key factor for a well-executed project. As a project manager, learn how to communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders.

After the training you will:

  • Be able to analyze who your stakeholders are based on involvement in and impact on the project
  • Have knowledge in communication planning and be able to write a communication plan
  • Understand what the basics are in effective communication person to person



Projects are often characterised by high pace, deadlines, goals and lots of people with different agendas and motivations.

In such an environment it is important that everyone involved has the ability to communicate with each other and parties outside the project, in an effective and thoughtful way. Good communication in a project involves understanding of the needs of the project’s different stakeholders, an implemented plan of how communication must take place and a project culture that stimulates an open and honest dialogue.  This course will give you an understanding of the importance of communication with the project stakeholders and how you can communicate with other people in a successful manner. It will also give you an understanding of how to plan communication, aiming to create the right conditions for the project.


  • The need for communication in projects
  • Communication planning
  • Active listening
  • To send clear messages
  • Communication styles


Target group

The course is intended for those who need to learn more about communication management and the fundamentals of effective communication. Most likely, you are a project manager, part of a project team, project administrator, project planner, team leader or similar.


Participants should have experience of project work




2 days

PDU (Professional Development Units)

16 PDU

Therése Hallberg
Manager Project Training Office, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)70 788 15 95
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