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Emma O.Westerberg
Project Manager, Engineering & Digital Services
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Therése Hallberg
Manager Project Training Office, Engineering & Digital Services
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Training for successful projects.

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Large selection of customised training

Our offer within Project Excellence is based on four parts, Change Management, Coaching, Tools and Training. Together they are the foundation for successful projects.

We offer both customised and open training in classroom or e-learning within Project Management, Leadership and Business Acumen for all roles within a project organisation. All three areas are vital for succeed in a project organisation. You can hand pick our educations after your companies’ specific need, in a combination with our other services within Project Excellence, or you can choose them separately to suite you as an individual Project Leader.

Our teachers mix theory and practical examples from real life and adjust tasks and direction after your demand and need. We also have several courses specially produced to suite you that are planning to certify yourself within a special project related area.

Learn more and sign up by clicking on a course in the lists below or visit the registration page right away.

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Develop your Project Management skills

Learn which tools and methods are needed for effective, flexible project work. At the same time, you improve your knowledge of project-related business law and budget work.

Basic training (XLPM) for project managers
Learn the basics in project management and understand which pieces of the puzzle need to be in place in order to manage successful projects.

Basic training (XLPM) for project members
Learn the basics in how you as a project member can contribute to the success of a project.

Agile project management and Scrum 
In this training we go through the basics of agile project management and Scrum, the most common methodology in the field. It is great to combine the agile way of working with XLPM.

Introduction to Agile project management and Scrum
In this training we go through how an agile way of working and scrum can be combined with a traditional project methodology and how it can be applied to a project or a program where you can select the parts that would suit you and project/program best.

Project planning and control 
Become a sharper project manager with better planning. This course provides powerful tools to lead the project toward success.

Microsoft Project virtual classroom
Learn the benefits of MS Project, a powerful project management tool that helps you to manage the project on schedule, with the right resources and with excellent results.

Risk management in projects
Are you taking advantage of the opportunities that emerge and are you aware of the risks involved with your project? Become more successful in project management by learning professional risk management.

Manage an assignment
To manage an assignment or project, what is the actual difference? Learn the basics in managing an assignment in an efficient and organised manner.

Requirement management
During this training you will learn a structured approach that facilitates communication and information management both within the company and with external stakeholders.

Improve your project governance

We focus on how you approach a project from a business perspective by putting the customer first and distributing resources in the best way.

To be a successful project owner/sponsor
How engaged are you in your management role? Are you acting as a sponsor in a proper way? Are you part of a steering committee or are you participating actively in it? Achieve the knowledge of what is expected from you in the different roles to lead projects to success!

Portfolio management
In this course, you will get a simple and comprehensive model for portfolio management and how it can be introduced into an organisation.

Program management
When is it really better to apply the work method program instead of project? In this training you will learn how to control and manage very large projects by applying the structure of a program.

Line Managers’ Roles in Projects
Learn how you in your role as a line manager can handle your different roles in a project to give the best support through the entire project lifecycle.

Optimising your PMO performance 
Are you dissatisfied with follow-up and control of project activities in your organisation? Are the projects too weak? Too strong? Is it difficult to get a clear picture of the project’s total use of resources, outcome or value-adding properties?

Develop your Human Perspective skills

Through clear communication, shared goals and a good understanding of group dynamics you can lead yourself and others to brilliant results.

Leadership in project-oriented operations
Become aware of how you are perceived by others, what your strengths are and what can be improved. Learn how to adapt your leadership skills to different situations and how you can use your personality to motivate and enthuse others to better results.

Managing virtual teams
Is your project team spread out in different locations? Learn how to hold them together as a team and motivate those who you do not have the opportunity to meet so often.

Efficient teams by using feedback
Learn how you can use feedback as a tool to develop people through using a positive and active way of communicating that make them grow and feel appreciated.


Certify yourself

XLPM certification
Get certified in XLPM, a generic method for assignment-, project-, program- and portfolio management, where knowledge in the methodology is tested. You can take the following certifications:
• Project Management in XLPM
• XLPM Agile Professional
In connection to cources certification is offered at a reduced cost.

Develop Your Skills with Semcon Project Academy
A complement to the training courses is our digital Project Academy, that offer adoptive e-learning courses in four modules and 11 separate e-learnings that adapt to your learning skills and needs.



Therése Hallberg
Manager Project Training Office, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)70 788 15 95
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Emma O.Westerberg
Project Manager, Engineering & Digital Services
+46(0)70 160 39 80
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