Smart medtech for efficient medical care
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Anette Norén
Business Manager Design, Engineering & Digital Services
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Smart medtech for efficient medical care.


Guide to innovative medtech

There are situations in which every second counts. Where the right communication at the right time can make a huge difference to someone’s life. Helping people to work together and communicate seamlessly is an important driving force behind all Ascom products – such as their Myco 3 smartphone, for example, which was developed together with Semcon’s design department.

Late 2018 saw the launch of Ascom smartphone Myco 3 together with Semcon – a product designed to help medical professionals streamline their work and simplify the flow when exchanging critical information.

Our aim with Myco 3 is to make it as easy as possible to communicate in a professional environment, where a wide range of activities need to be coordinated and implemented in a short time.

Patrik Hartvig, Vice President Global Product Line Mobility at Ascom

Myco 3 – the successor to Myco 2, Ascom’s first smartphone – provides access to a wide range of functions and a vast ecosystem of apps. The aim of all this is to pave the way for new criteria for efficiency, safety and satisfied patients or customers. Ascom currently offers complete solutions customised for different types of workplace, training and support when customers have started using any of the company’s products.

Design for the entire product portfolio

Semcon has been working for a long time with Ascom on the company’s entire product portfolio, which focuses on medical professionals but is targeted at professional users in many other industries as well, such as the manufacturing industry and retail.

One important part of our work involves managing and developing the Ascom brand, when we design their products that focus on users.

Patric Svensson, Team Manager Product Design at Semcon

A strategic partner in medtech

Within this project – as with both past and future partnerships – Semcon’s role has focused on the visual design of the product, as well as the strategy. The team is working with Ascom to devise a long-term design strategy for ongoing and planned product development.

The results exceeded our expectations. We have already seen how our Myco 3 has added a great deal of value for an incredible number of people. And these people are keen to see what we do next.

Patrik Hartvig, Vice President Global Product Line Mobility at Ascom

Semcon’s delivery:

  • Strategic recommendations
  • Brand work
  • Design concept
  • Design of the Ascom Myco 3 smartphone
  • Product design for the entire Ascom product portfolio

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