Trends in off-highway vehicles’ electrification
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electrification Trends in off-highway vehicles.


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In the off-highway machinery industry, the development of electrical hybrid systems and vehicles continues to progress, as does the use of sensors and electronics. By 2018, the hybrid powertrain market is expected to account for 3% of the global off-highway powertrain market. Given the consensus that no single true alternative energy strategy exists, the off-highway machinery industry continues to investigate different electrification levels, such as mild hybridization or full electrification. Among the many prototypes developed, some hybrid off-highway vehicles have been introduced into the market and there shown significant gains in performance and considerable reductions in operating costs.

In this report, “Benchmark Survey: Potential and trends in off-highway vehicles’ electrification “, we recount the tremendous progress and achievements in the electrification of off-highway machinery, as well as forecast future developments in light of global trends.

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