Plan for digitalising Hiab’s product information
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Lars Löfgren
Business development manager, Product Information
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Plan for digitalising Hiab’s product information.

Hiab is running a number of digitalisation projects within its organisation. Techhnical information was one of the areas in need of digitalisation and Semcon was consulted to help creating the plan for achieving it. The next step is implementation.

Hiab, leader within load handling solutions, noticed how the company’s product information didn’t come to use. Both resellers and Hiab were spending a lot of time assisting installers and operators as the product information couldn’t be found or didn’t give enough support. On an aggregated level, it caused an incredible amount of wasted time and unnecessary downtime.

When we started working together, Semcon made an assessment of Hiab’s current state. From that, we defined the wanted state together and will get there, one step at a time.

Lars Löfgren, Business Development Manager at Semcon Product Information

A clear goal and roadmap

Before partnering with Semcon, Hiab provided its technical documentation as PDF manuals in an online library. Those who needed the information didn’t get enough support from the information – or couldn’t find what they were looking for.

Semcon started mapping and analysing the needs of Hiab and the intended information users. It gave a clear picture of what needed to change, all while the interest in the project grew within the organisation.

Hiab set an ambition to provide exactly the product information that is needed based on:

  • the event (e.g. triggered by an error code)
  • who needs it (with respect to roles and permission levels)
  • the situation (is it better if an instruction is read-aloud from a smartphone, displayed in text on a tablet or displayed as an illustration in an online portal?)

From the analysis, Semcon developed a mock-up of Hiab’s new online portal. A tangible example of the solution where all features could be tested made it easier to discuss and determine how the project should proceed.

Already before working together, we knew in which direction we wanted to go but we didn’t know how to get there. Thanks to Semcon’s analysis, we now have a clear picture of where we are, where we should go and how to get there.

Malin Törnblom, Manager Technical Information, Hiab Cranes

Develops processes for a digital future

Six weeks after initiating the project, the roadmap was already in place. With Semcon’s support, Hiab’s own tech doc department could start adapting its tools and processes: From creating information for PDF manuals to creating information for the future online portal.

Semcon also helped developing graphical guidelines for illustrations and animations, to make the product information easier to understand. This will allow Hiab to develop its product information efficiently, while expressing its brand in a consistent manner.

Creating customer value in every step

Now a first version of the online portal is being developed, aimed towards service technicians and their loader cranes. Since the first version is limited to one product segment, one target group and one platform, the project keeps running at high speed.

”Service technicians turned out to be the user group in most need of product information. By starting with them, Hiab creates value right from the start”, says Lars Löfgren, Business Development Manager at Semcon Product Information.

Semcon has provided the following competences in the project:

  • Project management
  • Strategy expertise
  • Information architecture
  • System and tool expertise
  • UX-design


Lars Löfgren
Business development manager, Product Information
+46 (0)73 682 77 81
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