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Erik Baljeu
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Microlearning; relevant answers now!

People now, more than ever, learn by quick access to relevant, structured information. Today most learning occurs by people asking questions. Classroom sessions and web based training form the knowledge foundation, but more than 70 percent of learning happens during work – not during class.

No one enrols a course to google a question. No one reads a whole book for a single answer. Modern learning happens when pieces are added to your personal puzzle.

Erik Baljeu, Department Management Training at Semcon

What is Microlearning?

  • A method to learn and repeat knowledge and skills by having answers and solutions delivered as short micro courses – usually between one and five minutes,
  • Courses structured by relevance and need rather than chronologically or according to subject matter,
  • Designed and developed for distribution via channels most frequented in the organisation,
  • Use and enhance existing content, structured from a learning perspective.


In a microlearning eco-system, learning needs are met by a question driven infrastructure that allows everybody in it to have instant access to the answers and solutions needed to perform accordingly to set business objectives.

Microlearning content

In order to answer relevant questions and solve problems microlearning content needs to be both relevant and packaged in ways that adds meaning and value to its users. It can be used as a Wikipedia or to freshen up knowledge. Repetition increases long-term learning effects and strengthens the idea of microlearning as a good thing, something to return to.

Microlearning is not about creating new content, but utilise the existing and ensure it is understood. Instant access to relevant answers requires well-maintained, updated source content and a learning focused information structure.

The value of Microlearning

  • Access to learning focused and relevant information.
  • Learning content designed for adult, modern learning.
  • Re-use of existing content
  • Less time and costs used for developing and using learning resources
  • Increased production uptime
  • Easier up-date and maintenance of course curriculum

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Erik Baljeu
Manager Training, Product Information
+46 (0)736 827 653
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