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Anette Norén
Business Manager Design, Engineering & Digital Services
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Staying true to your design DNA.

It is a common misconception that design is only about the surface. Companies who have seen the potential and given the design work strategic importance are in fact 50 per cent more profitable than their competitors. This is because design is about understanding the users and their environment in order to develop products and services that solve real problems and add value. At Semcon, design is part of our DNA and part of our offer: product development with a focus on the end user.

Semcon was chosen to develop the first flagship store for Swedish skin and hair care brand, L:A Bruket. The design team transferred the unique brand from Varberg into a premium shop experience, exploring how west coast nature might interact with the urban context.

Design as a strategy

Design is the discipline that links the power of innovation, trend insight, technology and an understanding of the end user in one strong concept that is clear to the market and ready for production. At Semcon, we have taken our working approach to the summit and made design a strategic management issue, for ourselves and for our forward-thinking customers. The reasons are both emotional and rational.

Design as a strategy is about working with product development in a fundamentally human way. Curiosity, experimentation, with the whole pallet of creative and technical tools. On a strategic level, design also has a business critical competitive advantage. Design-oriented companies are more visionary, understand their customers and their own processes better and above all they are up to 50 per cent more profitable.

In today’s changing market, it is more important than ever to look ahead and plan for tomorrow’s customer requirements if you are going to continue to be a relevant and sustainable player. Design Management is a management tool that rises to the challenge.

Anette Norén, Business Manager Design

Semcon – a partner for future challenges

At Semcon we work with three design approaches: UX design, Product design and Technical design. Each one has a complete set of specialists in its field. All three share the same vision of design as the management issue of the future.

Our design process is triangular, with the user in one corner, technology in the other and business potential at the top. We start from a continuously updated understanding of our world and the end user’s everyday life. We support our customers from problem formulation to concepts which are ready to go and help them take control of their design DNA. Together, we develop products and services for the next industrial shift.

Apid One is a series of powerful autonomous helicopters focused on critical tasks. Aimed to save life in search & rescue missions, in short time establish wireless network in disaster areas, surveillance of traffic situations and many other critical societal functions, the design team created a range of friendly, professional tools aimed for support, autonomously.

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