Data Management
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Magnus Carlsson
Area Manager, Software & Emerging Tech, Engineering & Digital Services
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AI-driven data management for all kinds of challenges.

Most companies, organisations and authorities handle vast amounts of data nowadays. But how to make the most use out of it? Semcon offers customers a unique data management platform, developed in-house, which is based on the very latest in artificial intelligence.

Data of different types being stored in different types of systems can be a large problem for companies. With the data management platform S4 all of the data in all different systems are linked in a smart, effective way with anyone or anything requiring access – whether it is a human or another advanced AI solution.

The S4 platform helps us solve some of our customer’s most central challenges by making unsorted data accessible and understandable for all end users’.

Magnus Carlsson, Area Manager, Software & Emerging Tech

With a custom-made solution each company can get their specific needs met. It might be things likes:

  • How companies can capitalise on their data
  • Data driven ways to create new services and products
  • Product and production optimisation
  • Optimisation of flows, processes and logistics
  • Streamline internal processes and shorten lead times
  • Streamline service and maintenance
  • Improve Business Intelligence and operations
  • Open up for further data driven solutions, for example AI solutions that need access to the right kind of data.

The benefits of the data management platform are widely applicable on most types of businesses and industries.

AI and information management

Semcon’s S4 platform is:

  • Specific – fully adaptable to each customer’s unique needs
  • Scalable – fully extendable for different amounts of data
  • Smart – the AI-driven reasoning layer can make connections and conclusions that would be impossible for a human.

Through its ability to collect, analyse and compile vast amounts of data and information, an AI-based information system is better equipped to detect, prepare and implement change. Key factors are flexibility, scalability and the access of quick basis for creating scenarios and make strategic decisions.

Since we tailor the solution for each customer’s specific operation that means that the customer gains full ownership, security and unique control of their solution.

Magnus Carlsson, Area Manager, Software & Emerging Tech

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Magnus Carlsson
Area Manager, Software & Emerging Tech, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0) 733 98 93 91
Contact me

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