Conversion of transformer stations
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Johan Lundström
Area Manager Life Science / Energy, Engineering & Digital Services
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Conversion of transformer stations.

Semcon has been working with the conversion of transformer stations on behalf of Vattenfall Services Nordic since 2014.

Increased security of electricity supply

Many of Sweden’s electricity generation sites are now outdated, which means they do not meet the safety requirements set for the equipment in terms of security of supply and environmental and personal safety. The conversion of power stations on a national scale has been in progress for a number of years, as well as an expansion of the electricity grid in order to meet today’s requirements and both respond and contribute to the development of Sweden.

Vattenfall’s electrical engineering department

During the work for Vattenfall Services Nordic, Semcon has taken on the role as the company’s electrical engineering department. The focus of the assignment and for the solutions supplied by Semcon is to increase the safety, availability and control of the installation. Semcon has performed similar projects on behalf of Vattenfall since 2014 at around twenty different sites.

Semcon’s working methods

The assignments have encompassed a variety of competencies from Semcon, depending on the objective of the project. These have included project management, technical responsibility, production of documents on demolition and construction, as-built drawings and records, installation support, as well as drawing up order documentation and consultation with suppliers. Semcon has developed its own working methods in order to always ensure successful delivery. Their purpose is to reduce the number of misunderstandings in the interfaces with the customer, as well as to bolster our customer in its delivery.

Package deliveries in substations

For many years, Semcon has delivered subprojects in substations to operators with the responsibility for total contracts in the conversion of transformer stations. By working across the whole of Sweden, Semcon has acquired a broad knowledge on how different end customers want the work performed in the installation.

A long partnership

Vattenfall builds distribution and local grids, national and regional grids, amongst other things, as well as transformer stations and switchgear. In addition, Semcon has been A-supplier in wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, thermal power and electricity distribution since 2011.

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Johan Lundström
Area Manager Life Science / Energy, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)739 66 73 01
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