Autonomous cars decision-making
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Carl-Johan Aldén
Global Business Director Autonomous & AI Solutions, Engineering & Digital Services
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Autonomous cars decision-making.

How will autonomous cars make quick and safe decisions on the road? What aspects go into autonomous decision-making? In a complex traffic situation autonomous cars need to have all the information about the status of the car and it’s surroundings to make sound and safe decisions.

Decision-making: a fully autonomous vehicle needs to be able to handle an infinite number of scenarios in the real world. Hence a classic code programming approach is impossible (it is not possible to hard code actions to cope with an infinite number of cases). This is why smart learning algorithms are needed.

Talking Autonomous - autonomous decision making

In this episode Carl-Johan Aldén, Global Business Director Autonomous & AI Solutions at Semcon and Robert Björkman, Autonomous Solution Architect at Semcon talk about decision-making aspects for autonomous cars. They talk about how systems are tuned to adapt to all kinds of different situations.

Talking Autonomous
A series of short talks where Semcon experts talk about the future for autonomous cars.

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