Sharing is the foundation of collaboration
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Mary Anne Li
HR Manager China, Product Information
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HR Manager, Product Information
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Sharing is the foundation of collaboration.

A rich life comes through the excitement of learning through travel, reading and meeting people. Through close and positive collaboration at work, we learn from each other, build our future selves and create great deliveries. It is a continuous and inspira-tional team journey, and I love every day of it. This is Jenny Lius story and her view on the value of collaboration.

Why did you choose a career at Semcon?

It was when I returned to Shanghai, Semcon just caught my eye! I just moved back from Gothenburg, where I lived with my family for over two years. Gave me a great chance to get to know Sweden and Scandinavia. Semcon was exactly the company I looked for and its culture like “people first then technology” was what I valued for several years. So, I did not think it over for long to join Semcon.

My background is positions as project leader in automotive company, now at Semcon I look after a department as a team leader and I really love this job. This new position demands more focus on team members rather than project deliverables only. To help others succeed in project delivery and satisfy our customers.

Jenny Liu, Team Leader at Automobile, Equipment & Machinery department at Product Information at Semcon Shanghai

What is you view collaboration?

Teams need each other to grow in confidence, in deliveries and as individuals. No one is prefect but we are able to build a perfect team. My job is to motivate & bring out the best in the team members. I feel our team have a strong sense of engagement. They care for all team members as their own family which makes us all enjoy working life and feel at home.

We believe whether the problem can be solved quickly and effectively, it affects customer satisfaction. So, when the team encounters a problem, we set up meetings together and brainstorm for proper solutions. The problem is shared by everyone in the team rather than someone solely.

In my experience, sharing is the foundation of collaboration. All our teams are encouraged to share their knowledge, creative ideas, good habits and lessons learned in regular workshop or in stand-up meeting. The collaboration development will become much easier based on common understanding.

Learning is a way of living

The learning journey is also important to me as a person, I love to travel with my family and explore other countries and cultures. Though it’s a bit limited to go around in the past two years, really hope the pandemic situation soon be over. Also, I like reading to enjoy time when I’m alone. As the saying goes in China, read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles. This is the way of life I’ve been pursuing. There are so much to learn and get inspired of in our beautiful world.

Name: Jenny Liu
Title: Team Leader at Automobile, Equipment & Machinery department at Product Information at Semcon Shanghai
Education: Master of Power and Mechanical Engineering
Worked at Semcon since: 2020
I have most fun at work when I…: successfully build trust with customer through continuous high-quality delivery by my team.


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