Making technology more human and easier to understand
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Mirjam Gransö
Recruiter, Product Information
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Making technology more human and easier to understand.

How can design make technology more human and easier to understand? Ricardo Acevedo works as Art Director (AD) within the business area Product Information at Semcon. Here he tells his Semcon Story about thinking creatively in traditional industries and developing design with the right effect.

I have been working at Semcon since 2017, and during my employment here I have had the opportunity to work with different departments, both in Gothenburg and in Stockholm. Getting to know new people and sharing knowledge makes me very inspired and thinking about new ways of working. In addition, it opens up to meet new colleagues and the opportunity to work in new constellations.

Thinking creatively

After working in the advertising industry I am used to creative work. I like surprising customers who represent industries with traditional products. A dream situation is a customer who says ”You have free hands to do the traditional products in a new way”. To get the reaction “Wow – this is awesome” when I eventually show my idea makes me incredibly happy and motivated to continue the same way with other customers. Since we have customers who have trust in us and dare to be innovative, we get space for creativity.

To make the technology human

Some of my assignments lately have been about technology that is difficult for people to use and understand. I have seen when there are amazing technical solutions but people have difficulty in receiving and using the information. Here we have an important task, all of us working with product information – to improve the experience of complex technology and make it easier to understand and use. My goal is to use design, colour and symbolism as tools to simplify and make the technology more human. We know that people react more to emotions, that they get better information when presented in different ways, such as text and images.
It is exciting to work with products launched at international level and to develop the design so that it has the right effect, regardless of cultural differences. People react and understand the complexity of technology thanks to us finding the correct level of design.

There is nothing better than working with ideas and creativity that meet customer needs. I love to think big and wide. The best thing in the world is when we succeed in helping customers find a style that is right for them.

Name: Ricardo Acevedo
Title: AD within Product Information
Education: Graphic designer & illustrator
Worked at Semcon since: 2017
I have most fun at work when I…: together with my colleagues and customers create new solutions.

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Mirjam Gransö
Recruiter, Product Information
+46 (0)70 777 86 01
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