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David Sondén
General Manager Sweden, Product Information
+46 (0)736 84 08 37
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Johanna Stenfeldt, Manager Mechanical Design, Product Design Engineering

Johanna Stenfeldt
Country Manager Sweden West, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)701 60 39 34
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Our Industries.

Our focus is on the industries where we can make a big difference. Some examples include: life science, energy, mobility, public, rail, telecommunications and industry.

Read more about some of the industries we are working in:

The advantages of knowledge sharing

There are benefits to working with similar things in several industries. For example, you can take best practices from one industry to create an advantage in another. We may use a quality process from the automotive industry in the energy sector. Or design a hearing aid with experience from the telecommunications industry.

Those who work at Semcon are accustomed to rapid developments and we believe that the very breadth of industries plays a big role in this. When we have the opportunity to cross-reference ideas and exchange experiences, the result is simply better.

The right size and flexibility

Many of our customers want to work with fewer suppliers – and selected suppliers are expected to have an international presence. Customers seek partners who can handle larger projects and more and more often entire functions in the company. Semcon has the necessary size to meet these demands, but also the flexibility to pursue smaller projects using local specialists.

Time to market has long been the key to competitiveness. It is therefore critical for customers that their products are developed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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