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Anders Sundin
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Research and innovation.

In sync with the latest research

Semcon are since many years involved in the world of research and is ongoing participating in several different projects.  The research includes, for example, driverless vehicles, artificial intelligence or better user experiences.

The aim is to increase the company’s specialist expertise, participate in the latest technology developments and lead to more innovation. Through the research projects and contacts with universities, Semcon can also increase opportunities for recruitment also making the company a more interesting place to work.

Most of the current research projects have the automotive industry as a starting point, but the results can also be used in many other industries. Knowledge about autonomous cars can for example be applied in other areas as well as new interaction technologies can be used in multiple domains.  Research results, international outlooks and generalised experiences from various industrial projects are also fed into our innovation activities.

Ongoing research projects

  • GRASS – Internet of Things in the garden
  • NGEA2 – Next Generation Vehicle Electrical Architecture
  • SEER – Multi modal interaction technologies
  • GLASS – Interaction via vehicle glass
  • ESPLANADE – Safe autonomous vehicles
  • PERCEPTRON – Road detection through machine learning
  • Health Platform – Innovation platform for social integration and e-health
  • SMILE II – Autonomous vehicles, safety and machine learning
  • OIL Open Innovation Lab – Simulation platform for open innovation and third party development of vehicle electrical architecture
  • WASP – Individual doctoral research program within autonomous vehicles software and artificial intelligence
  • Second Road II – Methods and tools for system development integration and simulation of vehicle electronics


Earlier projects

  • AVIP – Vehicle HMI
  • Born 2 Drive – Autonomous driving
  • FUSE – FUnctional Safety and Evolvable architectures for autonomy
  • Synligare – Requirements engineering of complex safety critical vehicle systems
  • PAW – Pilot for novel software based service in the vehicle industry, business development and cooperation
  • DSMO – Materials and Structure Optimisation
  • Modelling of crash behavior in future vehicles
  • RASK – Improved analysis of bolted joint in composites
  • MERCO – Mediated Effective Remote Collaboration. Communication tools and HMI for design, industry, medical applications
  • AIMMIT – Multi-modal HMI + Autonomous Driving HMI
  • Eldrivet – Thermal management and electric cooling of electric cars
  • Closing the  Loop – From industrial waste to product design
  • Plinta – Researching how Smartphone-like applications can be linked to vehicles’ electrical architecture safely
  • Sånätt – lightweight concepts for future vehicles with the aim of reducing weight by 40 per cent
  • Ufoh – method development for fixing various lightweight materials to one another
  • Efesos – Future vehicle HMI
  • Sigyn2 – Connected vehicle system security
  • DFEA2020 – Robust and flexible electrical architecture in vehicles
  • BIFI2 – Connected solution for surveillance of road stability
  • Mobiroma – Slippery road surveillance
  • Second Road – Simulation environment for active safety and HMI
  • Wind turbine aerodynamic analysis
  • Electrically powered – Cooling methods and new test methods for electric motors and power electronics
  • Balance of Active and Passive Safety – Simulation and method development of future crash-safety requirements

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