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Anders Sundin
Business Manager Innovation Lab
+46 (0)733 98 96 35

In sync with the latest research.

In order to be able to create unique solutions we need to start with the latest knowledge. Semcon works closely with academia and we are involved in a wide range of research projects. The research may involve, for example, lightweight, user design (UX), future electrical systems or driverless cars. The focus is on four cross-functional areas – Safe, Green, Light and Smart.

The aim is to boost our specialist skills, share our knowledge to develop future technology, reach deeper cooperation with customers, improve recruitment opportunities via contacts with universities and make the company a more attractive workplace.

The majority of the research projects are based in the automotive industry, but results can be applied in many other industries. For example, lightweight solutions can reduce the weight of wind turbine motor housings and blades, and composite materials are also extremely interesting for the rail industry. The technology used in smart vehicles can also be used in smart buildings and remote monitoring of wind turbines.

We also work towards more patents and innovations, both through commitments in the research projects, most often financed by VINNOVA or EU funding like Horizon 2020, but also accelerated via internal Innovation Races or participating in open innovation contests.

We act to create a sustainable future connecting knowledge from industry merged with society needs, legal demands, ethics and sustainable behaviors.

Ongoing research projects



  • FUSE – FUnctional Safety and Evolvable architectures for autonomy
  • Synligare – Requirements engineering of complex safety critical vehicle systems
  • PAW – Pilot for novel software based service in the vehicle industry, business development and cooperation



  • DSMO – Materials and Structure Optimization
  • Modelling crash behaviour in future lightweight composite vehicles
  • RASK – Effective Analysis of Bolted joints in Composites



  • MERCOMediated Effective Remote Collaboration. Communication tools and HMI for design, industry, medical
  • AIMMIT – Multi-modal HMI + Autonomous Driving HMI
  • Second Road II – Optimized desktop and real-time simulator for electronics and infotainment



    • Eldrivet – Thermal management and electric cooling of electric cars
    • Closing the  LoopFrom industrial waste to product design


Earlier projects


  • Plinta – Platform for safe integration of in-vehicle user functions. Plinta was researching how smartphone-like applications can be linked to vehicles’ electrical architecture safely. Current in-vehicle infotainment systems offer fewer functions and less flexibility than smartphone and tablet devices.The research project, Plinta, provided architecture for a flexible and open system that allows nomadic device and cloud based in-vehicle connectivity without compromising security or safety. Semcon’s UX and embedded were involved in the project, together with HiQ, Pelagicore and Volvo Cars. Partners: Semcon (System & Architecture & UX, Göteborg), VCC, HiQ. For more information, contact Johan Kristensson,


  • Sånätt –lightweight concepts for future vehicles with the aim of reducing weight by 40 %. SÅNÄTT ended in 2013 and was a larger Swedish collaborative project driven by the common goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry through lightweight innovation. A large number of academics, automotive suppliers and one vehicle manufacturer collaborated in the research and development of design concepts aimed to cost effectively reduce the weight of a classic family saloon by 20-40%. For detailed info see For more information, contact Dr. Fredrik Stig


  • Ufoh – method development for fixing various lightweight materials to one another


  • Efesos – future HMI in vehicles. EFESOS (Environmental Friendly Efficient Enjoyable and Safety Optimized Systems) was a large vehicle HMI research project ended in 2013, partly funded by the Swedish National Vehicle Research Program. EFESOS studied, investigated, evaluated and demonstrated methods and technical solutions for Environmental Friendly Efficient Enjoyable and Safety Optimized Systems (from a driver and user perspective), Human Machine Interaction Methods & Tools, and Customer needs and wants. Partners: Volvo Cars, Semcon (UX), HiQ, Victoria Institute, VTI and Chalmers, Linköping and Luleå Technical Universities. For more information, contact Dr Anders Sundin,


  • Sigyn2 – Data security and system security for online vehiclesDFEA2020 – Research concepts for reliable, flexible electrical architecture in vehicles


  • BIFI2 – methods for monitoring loadbearing capacities of roads


  • Mobiroma – European research project for monitoring road networks for slipperiness, the effects of the spring thaw and road surface quality


  • Second Road – a joint simulator environment for active safety and HMI


  • Wind turbine aerodynamic analysis


  • Electrically powered – cooling methods and new test methods for electric motors and power electronics


  • Balance of Active and Passive Safety – simulation and method development of future crash-safety requirements




  • SAFER – Swedish centre for vehicle safety


  • Telematics Valley – Swedish-European telematics network


  • LIGHTER – Multi-industrial Swedish lightweight network